Diablo 4 KFC double down

Diablo 4 KFC double down – what happened in 2023?

Is Diablo 4 KFC double down? Diablo fans now have a new way to get access to the extended open beta weekend. Because of KFC, they can play without having to pre-purchase the game. Consumers can get a code for the Diablo 4 early access beta by purchasing a Double Down or a different KFC sandwich using the KFC app. Although the campaign has already begun, it will run through March 18, and codes will be accessible until supplies last. Let us view in detail about this in this article.

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What is double down?

Diablo 4 KFC double down

According to a joint announcement by KFC and Blizzard, customers who buy the iconic Double Down will be granted access to Diablo 4’s closed beta. The Double Down is a burger-like sandwich with chicken patties instead of buns, thereby “doubling down” on buns. Without the promotion, it would still be worth trying because it is one of the tastiest products ever.

Do you have an interest in trying the Diablo IV beta?

Of all locations, KFC gives us exclusive access, but only if we are bold enough to eat a terrible fried chicken sandwich. KFC just started an advertisement to get users early access to the Diablo IV beta. This is in exchange for purchasing the renowned “Double Down” burger from the fast-food chain company. We know that they specialize in fried chicken. Sandwich buns are replaced with two fried chicken filets in the Double Down. There are no vegetables or carbs included. Cheese, bacon, and sauce will be in the middle of the food.

On March 10, 2023, KFC made this shocking announcement. One can get guaranteed access to the closed beta the next weekend by simply placing an order for any of their Double Down sandwiches. It’s worth trying this sandwich even if you’ve never had one.

Demon murals from Diablo 4

Diablo 4 is scheduled to be released on March 17, 2023. In the run-up to that day, developer Blizzard has already been very innovative in promoting their new title. For example, they have covered the entire town of Cathedral with murals inspired by the game.

Blizzard claims that the building has been deconsecrated. This means that the firm has been granted authority to use it without regard to being a holy site. The fact that it is still recognized as a historical monument prevented them from just painting the Diablo 4 murals onto the church.

Instead, Blizzard created paintings of “the five character classes from Diablo 4 as they struggle with the power of evil” that were later put all over the cathedral’s walls. The cathedral’s ceiling, dome, and back wall contained 20 canvases that had been painted and mounted. A brand new live-action Diablo 4 trailer showcases this amazing transformation.

For the project, a total of 20 paintings were produced and combined. Also, they made a 160-foot mural that took 30 days to paint. A group led by the artist Adam Miller finished them. According to Miller, the size and speed of everything seemed ridiculous.

This is not Blizzard Entertainment’s first recent publicity trick to promote Diablo 4. During the Milan-hosted event, the gaming firm revealed its collaboration with the clothing brand Han Kjobenhavn, with several Diablo-themed clothes hitting the center stage for the first time.

When Diablo 4 runs?

The Diablo 4 closed beta will be available from March 17 through March 19. The open beta will occur the following weekend, March 24–26. The limited beta will only include three classes, yet all five will be accessible in the general beta. It’s a great opportunity to join the game early; all we need to do to participate is place a sandwich order. After all, a person has to eat.

In June, Diablo 4 will be fully available. Activision will have ample time to polish the game for release due to this three-month beta. Activision is ensuring that everything goes smoothly with the release, given that most betas are still roughly a month away. With the controversy surrounding Diablo Immortal, a mobile game that will also be released on PC in June, this is hardly shocking. Check out the suggested specifications if users also intend to play it on a computer.


Various KFC sandwiches are available that come with a Diablo 4 open beta early access code if eating is one’s top priority. However, the discount does not cover KFC’s bucket of chicken, tenders, or wraps.

Although KFC may not be for everyone, it is a good choice for those who want fast food fried chicken or those rushing to get an early access beta key before March 17. Take the family out for a simple supper and pick up a Diablo 4 code. Thus, we can try out the Double Down, get a cheap key with a Chicken Little Sandwich, or even try the returning Double Down. Soon, Diablo 4 will be here, and eating some KFC might be the best way to play it earlier than anticipated.