Del Taco Beyond Meat Discontinued 2023 – Does They Still Exist?

Why was Del Taco Beyond Meat discontinued? In 2019 Del Taco announced that it would no longer sell Beyond Meat. It is the only company that sells faux-beef tacos and is the primary Mexican fast-food chain.

In early April 25, it was believed that all Del Taco locations confirmed that there would be no Beyond Meat on the menu anymore. 

Del Taco is the first major Mexican fast-food chain that sold Beyond Meat, the plant-based meat substitute. The company already announced that none of its locations would offer Beyond Meat in their menu items. 

Its menu includes vegan food products, such as vegetarian Beyond Taco contains cheddar cheese, and Beyond Avocado Taco in which Beyond Meat plant-based crumbles seasoned with sliced Avocado, finely chopped tomatoes, and lettuce in every shell.

Moreover, Beyond Meat is the most popular item because it can be used as a substitute for any protein. This Beyond Meat made all nachos, fries, and burritos animal friendly.

There is something more special about Beyond Meat and Del Taco. It completed a pilot launch in Southern California. Customers can request not to add Meat to their existing Dell Taco items, which means they have a meat-free option now.

In this pilot launch, one can ask for vegetarian stuff, and the restaurant says it worked with Beyond Meat, and its recipes are unique and made with special spices, also with ” signature seasoning.” 

John Cappasola, the president and CEO of Del Taco, stated, “We have developed a proprietary mixture of original and 100 percent animal-friendly (plant-based) protein with Del Taco seasonings. 

We saw it as an opportunity and immediately partnered with Beyond Meat. This idea stuck in our minds because we observed that people were demanding vegan and following vegetarian options. So we have made this decision for the best.”

He added, “We have planned to test this new item in various parts of the country and on social media platforms. The consequences are overwhelming because we are receiving positive feedback from our customers. So, now it is done that it is time to serve finger-licking Beyond Tacos to our guests across the country.”

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Does Del Taco Still Sell Beyond Meat Tacos?

The only thing a little if you seek healthy and tasty vegetarian food items. Just go for Del Taco. Del Taco is the one that serves vegetarian eaters. There is nothing that can beat Del Taco in terms of vegetarian food products.

But do you know? Del Taco’sTaco’s Beyond Meat is discontinued; maybe you won’twon’t find them any longer.

We know it has stabbed your heart, but you will be happier to find that Beyond Meat has not gone completely, as other restaurants are still catering to their vegetarian guests.

In 2019, it was announced by Impossible Foods that they have partnered with Burger King, and Beyond Meat is already on their menu list. Besides, the rival company Taco Bell is also testing vegetarian food items on the menu at most of its locations in the Dallas area.

So, no worries, you can still have them.

What Is The Future Of Beyond Meat?

The future of Beyond Meat is looking spectacular as no traces show that they are slowing down. It was noted that a meat industry in California launched Beyond Beef; it is a non-vegetarian item, but it tastes amazing with a ground beef smell.

Taco Dell is expanding its business, opening more than 35,000 restaurants, universities, hotels, grocery stores, labs, and stadiums. 

Beyond Meat sales increased by 70 percent and made a record by selling 50 million burgers since its launch in 2016.

It was estimated that on September 30, 2017, total revenue was 21.1 million US dollars; after nine months, the revenue increased by 167 percent, i.e., 56.4 million US dollars.

Now, the company sells various products, from snack items to home-cooked necessities such as pork, bacon items, poultry substitutes, and many more.

Ultimately, Ethan Brown, the founder, and CEO, said, “We aimed to go all the way up to steak.”

How Taco Dell Brought Back Its Beyond Meat?

People were demanding Beyond Meat Tacos. The company discontinued this item but brought it back to people’speople’s demands. 

It was noted that, after its arrival, the chain had sold around two million Beyond Meat Tacos in just two months and made a record in Taco Dell’sDell’s history. It indicated that guests are now craving meatless meat products.

As mentioned, Del Taco declared its partnership with alternative meat organization Beyond Meat. There are almost 580 locations in the US that serve Beyond Meat tacos for just 2.49 US dollars.

Numerous companies offer plant-based meat products, which Del Taco comes on top. Its competitor Taco Bell declared that there is no partnership, and it has not joined the bandwagon.

Let’sLet’s read some of the Reddit Posts:

One user said, “I am unable to find Beyond Meat online anywhere, I went through Del Taco and tried to order online, but it was marked that Del Taco is no longer offering Beyond Meat. Are you guys aware of this? Still, Del Taco enlisted Beyond Meat in the list, but my location had a new menu design. It shows a big sign that advertises “All New Menu!”.” I think this may be why I could not find Beyond Meat, or maybe their website has not been upgraded so far. Huge Bummer.”

Another posted, “Do you want Del Taco’sTaco’s Beyond Meat? Come in SoCal; Beyond Meat is still available at Del Taco on this location; I still have it at the same location near me.”

Wrapping Up

Yes, Del Taco’sTaco’s Beyond Meat was discontinued, but they are still available. Del Taco also serves Beyond Meat but at specific locations, and it has proven to be its most successful food item. 

Beyond Meat Taco was one of the most selling and picking items introduced by Del Taco and made a record with two million sales in just two weeks. It is considered one of the most successful products launched in the history of Del Taco.