Danish wedding cookies discontinued - Is Keebler making it?

Danish wedding cookies discontinued – Is Keebler making it?

Why Danish wedding cookies discontinued? Unfortunately, the company must periodically discontinue products to keep the product line interesting and provide consumers with new flavors. This was the scenario with these “Danish wedding cookies.”

Despite frequently appearing on Christmas cookie trays (and being referred to as “snowball cookies” at the time), Danish wedding cookies have cultural significance. They are said to be a lucky charm on a wedding day, with the nuts representing life’s bumps along the way and the sugar meaning the sweetness of a successful marriage.

Danish wedding cookies are a buttery, bite-sized delight topped with powdered sugar, chopped fresh pecans, and cinnamon. They have a delicate, melt-in-your-mouth texture and are a delectable addition to any vacation cookie platter.

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Does Keebler still make Danish wedding cookies?

Danish wedding cookies discontinued - Is Keebler making it?

Danish wedding cookies are usually filled with nuts, butter, and powdered sugar. They have a delicate crumb that isn’t cakey or spongey. They have a unique mild flavor—sweet, with a little cinnamony, and sprinkled with finely chopped nuts. They’re also dusted with powdered sugar, which adds even more softness.

Wedding cookies originated in the Middle East and spread to Europe and the Americas. Today, numerous different versions of this recipe persist. They vary in name and formula and have spread across various cultures and countries.

The specific origin of Danish wedding cookies is unknown. Danish wedding cookies, despite their name, did not begin in Denmark. Related recipes, such as Jdekager and Vaniljekranse, can be found in Scandinavian baking.

Danish wedding cookies are known by a variety of names, including Mexican wedding cookies, Italian wedding cookies, and Russian tea cakes. They’re also known as “snowballs” due to the white powdered sugar sprinkling that replicates snow.

Wedding cookies were usually served as dessert at wedding receptions, hence the name. They’ve also grown in popularity as holiday and other special event cookies. Sadly, Keebler no longer makes these Danish wedding cookies.

How long do Danish cookies last?

Danish wedding cookies discontinued - Is Keebler making it?

The cookies can be stored at room temperature, in the fridge for up to 3 days, or frozen for up to 3 months.

Yes, Danish wedding cookies can be frozen for three months. If you have many Danish wedding cookies, you can freeze a handful before rolling them in powdered sugar. Because these cookies are so delicate, could you not put them in zip-lock bags? Instead, put them in a freezer-safe container with waxed (greaseproof) paper between each layer.

Once you’re ready to eat your pecan wedding cookies, let them defrost on the counter before rolling them in powdered sugar.


Many of us have eaten a lot of Keebler Danish Wedding Cookies in our lives and are familiar with these melt-in-our-mouth treats. Wedding cookies from Mexico, Italy, and Denmark are very similar.

Numerous wedding cookie recipes are available, each with its own set of recipes. Pecans are used in some recipes, while walnuts or almonds are used in others. Spices differ as well. Vanilla extract and almond extract are commonly used in recipes. Some people season their cookies with cinnamon, whereas others use anise (like Italian wedding cookies).

We occasionally find ourselves daydreaming about what life was like when our favorite cookies (which have sadly been discontinued) were available. Sadness and unhappiness are just a few of the emotions we experience when we discover that some of our favorite snacks are no longer available on supermarket shelves.

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