CYBN Stock Forecast 2025 – How high will Cybin stock go?

CYBN Stock Forecast 2025 – Investors curious about medical stocks should always look for the best-performing companies in the sector. The stock of Cybin Inc. (CYBN) can attract the interest of many investors. Cybin, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical business in the clinical stage. The company’s goal is to develop safe and efficient psychedelic-based therapies. They do so to fill a substantial unmet need for cutting-edge new treatment alternatives for people with mental health disorders.

This article uses deep learning to assist users in determining whether CYBN would make an excellent addition to their portfolio. These forecasts take many factors into account. This includes volume changes, price changes, market cycles, and comparable stocks.

The value of CYBN shares as of September 4, 2023, is $0.311. In the last month, it has moved by -1.89%; in the last 24 hours, CYBN has risen by +0.16% in the previous year. Cybin Inc. (CYBN) has generated a return of -71.98%. Let us dive into the article!

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About Cybin Stock (OTCMKTS: CYBN)

Cybin Inc., a biopharmaceutical business in the clinical stages, focuses on creating treatments based on psychedelics. 

The company’s development pipeline includes: 

  • CYB003, a deuterated psilocybin analog, is in a Phase 1/2a clinical trial to treat major depressive and alcohol use disorders.
  • CYB004, a deuterated dimethyltryptamine, is in a Phase 1 clinical trial to treat generalized anxiety disorders), and
  • CYB005, a phenethylamine derivative, is in the preclinical stage to treat neuroinflammation.

Additionally, it has created EMBARK, a psychological support model. It combines psychedelic medication with therapeutic strategies to promote supportive healing.

Cybin was established in 2019 and operates in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Ireland. Its head office is in Toronto, Canada.

Is Cybin Inc.’s stock performing better this year than its medical rivals?

Cybin Inc. (CYBN) is a stock that has the potential to draw in a lot of investors. But how does its most recent performance stack up against that of the sector as a whole? We can probably answer that question by comparing the stock’s year-to-date performance to its medical competitors.

As of March 2023, Cybin Inc., comprising 1166 separate firms, is ranked #6 in the Zacks Sector Rank. The strength of each group is evaluated using the average Zacks Rank of the individual stocks within each of the 16 groups that are taken into account by the Zacks Sector Rank.

The Zacks Rank focuses on earnings estimates and estimate revisions to identify firms with increasing earnings outlooks. The Zacks Consensus Estimate for CYBN’s full-year earnings increased 24.8% during the first quarter. This suggests the company’s profit outlook is more optimistic, and analyst opinion has improved.

According to the data, CYBN has returned roughly 26.2% since the year’s beginning. During the same period, medical stock losses averaged 4.3%. This demonstrates that, during the first quarter of 2023, Cybin Inc. beat its competitors.

To clarify things further, Cybin Inc. is one of the 553 firms that make up the medical, biological, and genetics sectors. Investors focusing on the medical industry would want to pay special attention to Cybin Inc. as they try to maintain their strong performance.

Cybin Inc.’s financial details

As of March 31, 2023, there was C$16.6 million in cash for Cybin Inc. For the quarter that concluded on March 31, 2023, there was a net loss of C$13.7 million as opposed to C$18.1 million at the same time last year.

For the fiscal year that concluded on March 31, 2023, there was a net loss of C$47.5 million as opposed to C$67.6 million during the same time in the previous year.

Operating expenses for the three months ended March 31, 2023, were C$13.7 million. It was down from C$16.3 million in the same period of the previous year. This includes a non-cash component linked to share-based compensation of C$0.5 million, down from C$3.3 million for the corresponding periods.

Operating expenses for the year ended March 31, 2023, were C$51.5 million. It was down from C$63.8 million the same time the previous year. This includes a non-cash component linked to share-based compensation of C$4.7 million, down from C$18.0 million for the corresponding periods.

For the quarter that ended on March 31, 2023, cash flows were used for operational activities for C$10.8 million, as opposed to C$9.7 million during the same period in 2022.

For the fiscal year that concluded on March 31, 2023, operating cash flows totaled C$47.4 million, up from C$45.2 million during the same time in 2012.

As of June 27, 2023, Cybin may issue and sell up to an extra US$22 (C$30) million of common shares under the previously disclosed US$35 million ATM equity program. This can give Cybin access to more money for working capital and development potential, depending on the state of the market and operational requirements.

Cybin can sell an additional US$29.5 million (C$39.8) worth of common shares as it sees fit. This is based on the previously disclosed purchase agreement as of June 27, 2023.

Low-priced stock and warrant offerings cause Cybin’s shares to decline

On August 1, 2023, Cybin (NYSE: CYBN) announced that the pricing of their overnight promoted public offering was set to raise US$8.25 million. The business said that it is selling 24,264,706 units for $0.34 each. The offer price is 15% less than the stock’s $0.40 closing price on July 31, 2023. Each team will include one ordinary share and one common share purchase warrant.

For 60 months, each warrant can be used to purchase one common share for $0.40 per share. The offering’s exclusive book-running manager is Cantor Fitzgerald & Co. The primary manager for the offering is Alliance Global Partners. The CYB003 and CYB004 initiatives will advance, and the net proceeds will also be used for average company and working capital needs. At 31 cents, shares were down 22%.

Cybin’s Acquisition of Small Pharma

The formal agreement for Cybin’s acquisition of Small Pharma was issued. The outstanding stocks were made public by the CYBN firm and Small Pharma DMTTF, a UK-based company. The merger has already received unanimous approval from the boards of directors of both businesses. It will now be discussed at the Cybin shareholders meeting on or around October 12.

Small pharma shareholders would get 0.2409 Cybin common shares for every ordinary share. Thus, using a $0.10 exchange ratio based on Cybin shares’ closing price on Cboe Canada (ex NEO) on August 25 plus Small Pharma’s trading price on the TSX Venture Exchange for the period ending August 25

By August 28, 2023, the existing Cybin shareholders and holders of Small Pharma securities would own around 74.5% and 25.5% of Cybin, respectively.

Doug Drysdale, CEO of Cybin, will lead the combined firm. Senior management from Small Pharma will connect with Cybin’s team. George Tziras, the company’s current CEO, will join the board of directors.

The combined firm would continue trading on the NYSE and Cboe Canada under the “CYBN.” Thus, Small Pharma’s shares would be delisted from the TSXV and OTCQB. Also, the company would stop being a reporting issuer in Canadian provinces and territories.

According to Drysdale, combining both businesses’ development programs, intellectual property, and datasets results in “a clear market leader” for best-in-class psychedelic therapies with long-term benefits.

Who holds the most significant stake in CYBN shares?

Over the past two years, 32 institutional investors and hedge funds have held CYBN shares. The most significant investments came from the following institutional entities:

  • Moneta Group Investment Advisors LLC ($19.73 million),
  • Citadel Advisors LLC ($11.04 million),
  • Schonfeld Strategic Advisors LLC ($1.65 million),
  • Perry Creek Capital LP ($1.25 million),
  • AdvisorShares Investments LLC ($0.82 million),
  • BlackRock Inc. ($0.36million), and
  • Penserra Capital Management LLC ($0.22 million)

Which institutional investors have been acquiring Cybin stock?

Out of the 30 institutional investors that have acquired Cybin stock in the last 24 months, the following investors and hedge funds have accumulated the highest volume of shares:

  • Moneta Group Investment Advisors LLC ($66.36 million),
  • Citadel Advisors LLC ($5.03 million),
  • AdvisorShares Investments LLC ($1.65 million),
  • Schonfeld Strategic Advisors LLC ($0.75 million)
  • Simplify Asset Management Inc. ($0.50 million),
  • Penserra Capital Management LLC ($0.36 million) and
  • Belpointe Asset Management LLC ($0.31 million)

Major holders of Cybin stock:

The major holders of shares of Cybin Inc. are distributed as follows:

  1. Approximately 21.99% of the shares are held by insiders. It indicates significant ownership by individuals within the company.
  1. Institutional investors hold approximately 5.32% of the company’s shares. It demonstrates a degree of external investment interest.
  2. Institutional investors also account for 6.81% of the float. It suggests a substantial presence in the open market.
  3. A total of 72 institutions currently hold shares in the company. It reflects a diverse and widespread institutional ownership base.

Why is the price of Cybin Inc. (CYBN) shares declining?

At this time last month, CYBN was trading for $0.31. It has changed by -1.89% over the previous month and is now worth $0.311. CYBN has increased by +0.16% over the last 24 hours. Price goals might have needed more time to adjust, given that CYBN’s stock price has dropped by -69.81% during the past year.

However, the long-term outlook is still positive. CYBN may reach $0.4958 in 2024. The law of supply and demand causes short-term ups and downs in the price of Cybin Inc. shares.

Each day, billions of shares of stock are purchased and sold. It is this daily exchange of shares that determines stock values. Price movements for Cybin Inc. shares are driven by demand. But why is there a demand in the first place? Everything depends on how investors feel.

To understand the trend, let us review the historical data of Cybin Inc. (CYBN) shares. Here is a table displaying the 14-day historical data:

DateOpening priceClosing priceMinimum priceMaximum price

The consensus among the six investment analysts surveyed is to purchase Cybin Inc. shares. Since it remained unchanged from a buy rating in June, this rating has remained the same.
It’s essential to also look into the price history of Cybin Inc. over the years to get a better picture of what might happen to the CYBN stock price in the future. The following table includes data analysis on the date, open, high, low, close, and volume:

Jan 4, 2023$ 0.314000$ 0.303000$ 0.316500$ 0.323000$ 896,300
Nov 4, 2022$ 0.475000$ 0.430000$ 0.453000$ 0.458000$ 1.08M
Oct 4, 2022$ 0.630000$ 0.584000$ 0.607000$ 0.623000$ 840,700
Aug 4, 2022$ 0.637000$ 0.610000$ 0.640000$ 0.620000$ 734,600
May 4, 2022$ 0.561000$ 0.520000$ 0.555000$ 0.548000$ 1.07M
Apr 4, 2022$ 0.880000$ 0.850000$ 0.865000$ 0.880000$ 810,500
Mar 4, 2022$ 0.920000$ 0.882000$ 0.901000$ 0.895000$ 254,800
Feb 4, 2022$ 1.050000$ 1.010000$ 1.030000$ 1.040000$ 480,800
Jan 4, 2022$ 1.220000$ 1.150000$ 1.185000$ 1.180000$ 821,500
Nov 4, 2021$ 1.900000$ 1.890000$ 2.01$ 2.11$ 5.16M
Oct 4, 2021$ 2.22$ 2.10$ 2.16$ 2.10$ 574,300
Aug 4, 2021$ 3.05$ 2.87$ 3.04$ 3.02$ 864,300
Jun 4, 2021$ 1.490000$ 1.450000$ 1.495000$ 1.480000$ 152,900
May 4, 2021$ 1.710000$ 1.550000$ 1.650000$ 1.680000$ 715,300
Mar 4, 2021$ 1.220000$ 1.120000$ 1.235000$ 1.193000$ 640,400
Feb 4, 2021$ 1.743000$ 1.650000$ 1.850000$ 1.710000$ 1.16M
Jan 4, 2021$ 1.515000$ 1.330000$ 1.434000$ 1.390000$ 91,800
Dec 4, 2020$ 0.878000$ 0.878000$ 0.930500$ 0.975000$ 366,100
Nov 4, 2020$ 0.523490$ 0.523490$ 0.523490$ 0.523490$ 0.00
Sep 4, 2020$ 0.523490$ 0.523490$ 0.523490$ 0.523490$ 0.00
Aug 4, 2020$ 0.523490$ 0.523490$ 0.523490$ 0.523490$ 0.00
Jun 4, 2020$ 0.523490$ 0.523490$ 0.523490$ 0.523490$ 0.00
May 4, 2020$ 0.610738$ 0.610738$ 0.610738$ 0.610738$ 15.00
Mar 4, 2020$ 1.315440$ 1.315440$ 1.315436$ 1.315440$ 0.00
Feb 4, 2020$ 1.315440$ 1.315440$ 1.315436$ 1.315440$ 0.00
Dec 4, 2019$ 1.315440$ 1.315440$ 1.315436$ 1.315440$ 0.00
Nov 4, 2019$ 1.315440$ 1.315440$ 1.315436$ 1.315440$ 0.00
Oct 4, 2019$ 1.315440$ 1.315440$ 1.315436$ 1.315440$ 0.00

Over the past few years, there have been considerable fluctuations in the share prices of Cybin Inc. The stock has experienced both increases and losses over the years. The stock of Cybin Inc. has experienced significant swings in trading volume.

Many variables, such as market sentiment, business news, market trends, and economic conditions, can affect the stock’s performance. The stock appears highly volatile, with price swings occurring in quick bursts.

Cybin Inc. Stock (CYBN) Price Prediction for 2024

A forecast is provided for each month of 2024. It has an average CYBN price prediction of $0.3181, a high prediction of $0.8727, and a low prediction of $0.1055. The predicted average CYBN price in 2024 is +2.30% more than the current price of $0.311.

MonthAverageLowHighChange from Today’s Price
January, 20240.71460.65920.6748+129.77%
February, 20240.78760.90730.8727+153.25%
March, 20240.64970.67420.6535+108.89%
April, 20240.61680.70180.7032+98.33%
May, 20240.46960.60840.6036+51.01%
June, 20240.02010.15010.2739-93.54%
July, 20240.57310.10550.4901+84.29%
August, 20240.52880.4780.4888+70.02%
September, 20240.49580.51040.4963+59.43%
October, 20240.60260.55120.5325+93.75%
November, 20240.35910.4290.5279+15.47%
December, 20240.31810.33460.3643+2.30%

Please note that the “Change from Today’s Price” column displays the average price percentage change from the most recent data.

Cybin Inc. stock (CYBN) price prediction for 2025

A forecast for each month of 2025 is provided for the price of Cybin Inc. stock (CYBN). It has an average projection of $2.0972, a high forecast of $2.2357, and a low estimates of $0.0153. A +574.35% rise from the most recent price of $0.311 is projected for the average CYBN price in 2025.

MonthAverageLowHighChange from Today’s Price
January, 20250.21830.23940.2716-29.81%
February, 20250.23440.25940.2254-24.62%
March, 20250.22650.22020.2048-27.18%
April, 20250.21810.23290.2028-29.87%
May, 20250.14580.16380.1948-53.13%
June, 20251.74080.01531.335+459.75%
July, 20252.15412.21162.0041+592.64%
August, 20252.22742.29742.2357+616.20%
September, 20252.23152.28152.229+617.52%
October, 20252.25652.17392.1348+625.55%
November, 20252.22832.22442.2256+616.51%
December, 20252.09722.13952.1839+574.35%

Several findings can be drawn from Cybin Inc.’s stock price forecast for 2025:

Volatility: The stock’s price fluctuates a lot during the year. Within each month, there are substantial swings in low and high prices.

Negative Trends: In general, the stock price will experience a downward trend in 2025 as average prices continue to fall. The negative percentages in the “Change from Today’s Price” column for most months show this.

Sharp Reversals: There are two remarkable outliers in June and July 2025 despite the overall low trend. The average price increased significantly in June and July, reaching 459.75% in June and 592.64% in July. These months are notable for having strong upward price movements.

Continued Gains: The favorable trend continued into August, September, October, and November, with average prices indicating significant gains over the preceding months.

Year-End Surge: 2025 comes to a close with a considerable average price increase in December. This represents a noteworthy change of +574.35% compared to the year’s previous months.

Low Points: With a -53.13% negative shift from today’s price, May 2025 stands out as the lowest point in terms of average price.

With notable exceptions, the stock has had an unstable and primarily negative trend in 2025. Also, significant price hikes around the middle of the year helped the stock finish the year positively.

When making investment selections, it’s critical to consider these patterns alongside general market conditions and company-specific aspects.


Based on analysts’ 12-month price forecasts, the stock of Cybin is expected to rise by 1,545.94%. Our prediction method predicts that the stock will eventually trade at $0.4958 (+59.43%) after a year. Accordingly, if you invested $100 now, it might be worth $159.4 on September 4, 2024. Since trading in bullish markets is always much more straightforward, this stock is an excellent addition to your portfolio.