crocs flip flops discontinued

Crocs flip flops discontinued: Are they Shutting down?

Is Crocs flip flops discontinued? Most people have seen a pair of Crocs at least once. Those rubbery-looking, hole-covered shoes have been popular ever since the year 2000. It’s regardless of whether we have a pair, several pairs, or know someone who has it. Crocs website states that they have been in business since 2002. But honestly, we assumed that such a specialized footwear brand would disappear after the early 2000s. Surprisingly enough, we were utterly wrong.

The footwear business declared that it would close all its production sites in 2018. Crocs executives told CNBC in a letter that the business would keep using outside producers to create its famous footwear.

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Is Crocs getting discontinued?

crocs flip flops discontinued

In 2018, Crocs made a closure announcement for the last of its manufacturing sites. The company, however, claimed that it would not stop operating.

The company said in a statement that it closed its manufacturing site in Mexico. It proceeded with plans to close its final manufacturing facility, which is located in Italy. This was during the second quarter of 2018 as part of continuous efforts to optimize the business and increase profit.

Fans went into a Twitter craze after the company failed to provide any information in the press release. It needed to explain how it would keep making footwear. Even so, the business stated it was not going out of business.

Crocs officials told CNBC in a note that the company would keep using outside manufacturers to produce its iconic footwear. “As we streamline our operations to meet rising demands for Crocs, we’re relocating manufacturing to third parties to improve our production capabilities,” he claimed.

Crocs are getting popular again

Crocs are once again popular and more trendy than ever. One example is the almost two million posts that appear when we search for “crocs” on Instagram, where we can see users showing off their Crocs. They are getting creative with embellished Crocs. The renowned designer label Balenciaga has partnered with them. Now they are selling Balenciaga Crocs on their own website. Also, they are ruling the footwear market these days. 

People seek comfort, which is a more straightforward solution than they probably expected from this brand.       

A lot of people have started buying Crocs. They’re affordable, comfortable, and perfect for daily use. Crocs enable normal folks to efficiently handle many life obligations. This includes daily activities such as working, walking around a grocery store, or picking the kids up from school. Also, nurses choose to wear Crocs due to their rigorous and lengthy shifts that keep them on their feet for what seems like an endless amount of time.

The COVID-19 outbreak has also contributed to this demand for comfort. According to USA Today, the pandemic pushed people to start dressing more casually. Crocs are casual yet comfy footwear that goes well with this more relaxed look, notably for those who work from home. 

Besides their convenience, Crocs have become more popular due to the revival of the Y2K style. About a million clothes from the early 2000s appear when we search #y2kfashion on Instagram. Since Crocs were first made available in 2002, it is clear that they belong in the same category as that period.

Discontinued Crocs products

Crocs footwear has evolved over time from being criticized to becoming well-liked nationwide. People soon realized how comfy and flexible their products were once they had them. But, as the business has grown, they’ve been pushed to phase out some well-liked colors to make room for others.

One can buy a few of these discontinued Crocs on Amazon for only $25 per pair. Although few sizes are available, most people should have little difficulty finding the perfect fit. Also, this offer lets us buy Crocs for everyone since they are unisex.

The discontinued colors include Digital Aqua, Lime Punch, Cantaloupe, Garnet, Blossom, Citrus, Orange Sorbet, Graphite, Pomegranate, Pool, Pink Lemonade, Neon Magenta, Lapis, Neo Mint, and more. These shades are available, besides some popular ones in online stores.


It doesn’t matter if it’s raining, snowing, or perfectly sunny when people wear Crocs. We can quickly put them on as we head out the door. Lightweight, waterproof, and robust materials are used to make Crocs. Almost any surface can be traveled on due to the ethylene vinyl acetate sole’s durability.