Corn Huskers Lotion Discontinued in 2023 - Do they still make it?

Corn Huskers Lotion Discontinued in 2023 – Do they still make it?

is Corn Huskers Lotion discontinued? The Corn Huskers Lotion is still available. It was just entirely out of stock a few months ago. We can still buy Corn Huskers Lotions, which were out of stock a few months earlier. Continue reading to find out why it was temporarily unavailable in this article.

Corn Huskers lotion is hugely popular. It is the best-selling lotion for attempting to prevent dry, itchy, scaly, or cracked skin. When applied, the lotion can also reduce the pain of irritated, chapped, or cracked skin. If our skin is dry and itchy, we can soften and moisturize the affected skin with lotion.

The lotion isn’t just for the hands, though that is its primary function. It can also be used on other parts of the body. The Corn Huskers Lotion had run out of stock a few months ago. Many people needed help to obtain the lotion between the middle and end of 2021. Those who could find it paid outrageous prices, especially on sites like eBay, which is notorious for doing so.

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What company makes Corn Huskers Lotion?

Corn Huskers Lotion Discontinued in 2023 - Do they still make it?

Corn Huskers lotion is made by Johnson & Johnson. Since 1919, Corn Huskers Lotion Heavy Duty Hand Treatment has been available. This signifies that the item has been around for a long time. Only a few products have this kind of longevity.

Farmers who husked Corn were the earliest target market for developing this product in 1919. Their hands were regularly cracked and sore due to the challenging environment. Hence, the product was named as such.

This product contains emollients, which soften and moisturize the skin, and humectants present in this, which draw moisture to the skin and form a barrier to prevent it from escaping. Corn Huskers Lotion is still manufactured and will be available on Amazon, Walmart, Kroger, Bed Bath and Beyond, Instacart, and eBay.

Corn Huskers lotion alternative

Corn Huskers Lotion Discontinued in 2023 - Do they still make it?

As previously stated, the Corn Huskers Lotion has continued. However, a backup is always a good idea if the manufacturer decides to discontinue it.

Due to the price and efficiency of the Corn Huskers Lotion, people can experiment with alternatives for a while. We may even find a product that can match it (though it would be tough).

The possible alternatives for this product are listed as follows:

  • Vaseline® Intensive Care® Healthy Hands and Stronger Nails Lotion
  • Norwex Lysere Hand Lotion
  • Farm House Hand Lotion
  • Soapsmith Hand Lotion
  • Love Beauty & Planet Walk In the Woods Hand Lotion
  • Simple Pleasures Hand Lotion
  • Olive Spa Hand Salve, Lavender Sore
  • Williams-Sonoma Hand Lotion
  • Arbonne Botaniques Nectarine Hand Lotion

Do they still make Corn Huskers lotion?

Although Corn Huskers Lotion is no longer manufactured, it is still a popular product among those who use it. The product is still available on eBay and Amazon, but the formula has changed. The Corn Huskers Lotion was created for people seeking a solution to eliminating their dandruff.

It also moisturizes and relaxes the hands without leaving a greasy feeling. No matter how many natural and organic lotions are on the market, one can never leave home without corn husks. It’s incredible how quickly our hands begin to feel better.

Ingredients of Corn Huskers

This product contains the following ingredients: water, glycerin, SD alcohol (40%), sodium calcium alginate, oleyl sarcosine, and the additives methylparaben and triethanolamine. It also contains calcium chloride and fumaric acid.

Methylparaben is a widely used chemical in beauty products. It is non-toxic and has never been associated with allergic reactions unless consumed in large quantities. It is a safer substitute for people who cannot consume fiber.

It breaks down very quickly and is excreted very quickly. It has an inherent anti-fungal quality that makes it suitable for use on the skin, and it is one of the least irritating topical bacteriostatic agents available. Methylparaben is not scary by any means, and claiming it is highly toxic is untrue.


Despite what your favorite brands would have you believe and how hard they work to delight you, their ultimate objective is to turn a profit. There are only so many brands that exist to lose money.

Some people make every effort to maximize their profits. Because of this, a brand might reduce its price if its product doesn’t generate the anticipated profit. Customers may adore it, yet manufacturers still stop producing it.

Ever wonder why some products are discontinued despite having thousands of ardent users and fans? Here’s why. Of course, there are other potential causes, such as a shortage of ingredients or raw materials. However, those lack the first’s level of stability. Always learn to embrace that finding a substitute or accepting that a product is discontinued will be easier the faster you can clear your mind.

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