Chrysler Airbag Recall

Chrysler Airbag Recall 2023 – what about Chrysler 300 and 200?

Is there a Chrysler Airbag recall? Airbags are an essential part of automobiles, such as cars and trucks. They serve us with safety kits and times of accidents and emergencies. They prevent severe accidents by opening up if they sense any abrupt moments in cars. This way, a balloon figure swells inside a car, preventing it from sliding or getting out of control. Having an airbag inside your car is extremely important to ensure your safety while driving your vehicle.

Chrysler is a very famous company that produces automobiles and airbags for cars. Recently, there have been reports of some incidents on roads caused due to these airbags in particular. It was found that while driving, people had to face significant accidents because their cars tilted and bumped into walls, etc.

Out of all these accidents, many have been so far that people were killed. Considering this, it has been advised by the government of the United States of America to avoid using airbags from Chrysler. On the other hand, the company has said that the defect is not due to their manufacturing but because of the humidity and temperature outside. Due to all these accidents, some chemical compounds used in airbags tend to behave differently in hot and humid climates.

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Is Chrysler airbag 300 recalled?

Chrysler Airbag Recall 2023

Due to the ongoing accidents involving Chrysler 300 airbags, an official warning has been released by Stellantis through its U.S. operating arm FCA US. The notification stated that people should avoid driving automobiles containing the Chrysler 300. This warning was issued when two people were already killed due to a crash involving this airbag. All those people who have vehicles installed with this airbag 300 can get their automobiles serviced or towed for free. 

All people are being urged to check if their vehicles have this airbag or not to take the necessary precautions and to avoid being involved in an accident. The matter is quite severe, and even a minor crash can lead to the airbag bursting and causing a fire in the car. The person might die from the fire and not from the collision itself. 

This is why it is essential to make sure that you check what kind of airbag your car has to avoid any accidents. People whose car has the Chrysler airbag 300 are given free services to get their airbags renewed and exchanged without paying anything. So you should not procrastinate and solve this problem as early as possible to avoid unnecessary accidents.

Is there More recall on the Chrysler airbags?

Yes, the Chrysler airbag 300 has been recalled due to safety-related concerns. Recently, many vehicles have been busting up due to some chemical reaction in the trailer airbag 300 used in these cars. The company has said that due to the hot and humid temperature outside, some chemical reaction is taking place, resulting in a chemical outburst in these vehicles. 

An official warning has been issued to avoid using this year’s bag at any cost. They can get their airbags serviced or replaced without paying anything. People must become aware of and solve this problem as quickly as possible. Many people have died as a result of these car crashes.

Similar incidents were reported in 2018, but the free services were stopped as time progressed. Now in 2022, there is again a rise of such road accidents, as a result of which this issue is highlighted all over again. This is the reason why the government has made it a point to inform each and every citizen. The manufacturers of the airbag 300 claim that one-third of the faculty has been reported regarding the same.

What Chrysler cars are being recalled?

Chrysler Airbag Recall
Chrysler Airbag Recall

Over the past few years, Chrysler has recalled many of its courses. Some cars have been recalled due to quality-related concerns. In contrast, others have been recalled merely because they had become ancient and the brand wanted to introduce new parents into the market. The cars that have been recalled are both sedans and SUVs.

The cars that have been recalled include 2015-17 Chrysler 200 cars, 2014-18 Chrysler 300 sedans, and 2017-18 Pacifica minivans. All the customers are suggested by the company to only buy these cars if they’re available in the market. This is because there will be no official software update by the manufacturers, which refutes the whole point of buying this car.

In 2016 Raisler Recalde around 80,000 sedan car variants because of some electronic gear-related problems. There needed to be more clarity in the electronic gear setting, and customers needed help understanding how the whole process worked. As a result, a particular sedan car was recalled from the market.


Chrysler has recalled many of its cars and other products over the years. Most of these recalls have been a result of some quality-related issues. Recently Chrysler was in the news again because of its air by 300. It was found out that all the vehicles that had this year had particular words boasting for crushing on roads. A lot of people have also been killed in these accidents.

As a result, an official warning has been issued telling people to not use cars having this airbag. Some cars from this brand were also recalled because of mobility issues. Customers found their cars started moving after parked at a particular place. This increases the chances of road accidents. Technical and mechanical issues have been the main reason behind the discontinuation of cars from Chrysler.

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