Cesar Softies Dog Treats Discontinued

Cesar Softies Dog Treats Discontinued – why is there a shortage?

Is Cesar Softies dog treats Discontinued? There have been pet aisles with Cesar Dog Food for a long time. They are popular for their small-breed wet meals and West Highland White Terrier mascot. This brand places a lot of focus on your pet’s taste buds. Its history demonstrates that they have been successful in doing so. This manufacturer is one of the top players in the flavor war for wet dog food.

Naturally, no brand is flawless. Every dog owner who is thinking about using these recipes should be aware of some disadvantages.

Dogs love the incredibly soft and bite-sized Cesar Softies treats. With a savory aroma and a delicious, irresistible taste, these quirky, meaty dog treats are sure to please. They are ideal for use as training treats. Cesar’s low-calorie dog treats have just 7 calories each, elevating regular snacks to new heights. We have discussed this dog food brand in the article that follows.

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History of Cesar Dog Food

Kal Kan, a canned food, was Cesar’s original form in 1936. It was produced in Vernon, California, a city close to Los Angeles, by Stirling Packing Company at the time. Mars Inc., a business still better known for chocolate bars and M&Ms, acquired Kal Kan in the 1960s.

The majority of dog food producers began using surplus and subpar vegetables as ingredients in their dried dog food by the 1960s. When making dry food, meat was replaced with soy and maize derivatives. But, most of the meat in canned dog food was still considered unfit for human consumption.

Yet, as dog food buyers began to view their pets as extended family, the tendency had to shift. Mars changed the name of their whole line of dog foods to Pedigree in 1988.

Before becoming Cesar dog food, it was known as Kal Kan, then Pedigree. A trademarked image of a Westie has been a staple of the box design.

Mars, Inc. owns the Cesar wet dog food brand. It was first made available in 1981. It is now one of the most well-known wet dog food brands worldwide. Real meat and poultry are used as the initial ingredients in Cesar meals, which are created using premium products. Additionally, the meal doesn’t contain any synthetic flavors, colors, or preservatives.

Dogs can discover a flavor they like with Cesar food, which comes in a range of varieties. Additionally, you can choose the appropriate size for your dog because the food comes in a range of sizes. The majority of significant pet supply stores carry Cesar food.

Cesar’s name comes from the Spanish word for “Caesar.” It was selected because it was thought to be a bold, authoritative name that dog owners would like. One of the most well-known dog breeds in the world, the West Highland White Terrier, appears in the company’s emblem.

Products offered by Cesar

Dog food products from Cesar come in a wide variety. This includes dry dog food, wet or canned dog food, and dog treats. Cesar is well known for his wet or canned dog food recipes, which make up the great majority of this assortment.

Only three recipes make up Cesar’s dry dog food lineup. It is significantly less extensive than that of most other brands.

Given that the majority of Cesar’s menu consists of wet cuisine, the lack of specialty dishes makes sense. They do have some recipes for puppies and others that might be classified as a diet with few ingredients.

Treats and Dry Food

Compared to wet food choices, the Cesar dry formula has fewer choices. In actuality, there are only three choices available.

Surprisingly, there are more possibilities for treats than dry food formulas. You can pick between softies, which are made for tiny dogs. They are made for puppies with sensitive teeth, meaty bits, which are little, firmer treats, and jerky treats, which are comparable to human jerky snacks. The snack line includes a variety of flavors, such as fruits, vegetables, and meats.

According to various sources, there are no discontinuation reports available for Cesar Softies. While searching, we came across various responses, as follows:

  • Cesar Softies Medley Trio: Porterhouse and Grilled Chicken; Applewood Smoked Bacon Flavours is available in online stores. 
  • Cesar Softies Chewy Small Dog Medley Trio is currently unavailable in online stores, and no extra information was provided. 
  • Cesar Softies Medley Trio Adult Dog Treats are available online.
  • When searching for Cesar Softies Filet Mignon Small Breed Dog Treats, the chewy web page displays, “We’re sorry, this item isn’t available anymore.”

Has a recall of Cesar dog food ever been made?

Yes, there has been one recall of Cesar dog food. Reports of minute plastic fragments being discovered in some lots of Cesar Classics Fillet Mignon wet dog food were made. Following that, Mars Inc. recalled certain lots in October 2016.

Although a few customers have mentioned finding the plastic bits, the company stated it had not heard of any injuries or illnesses linked to the damaged goods. “We deeply regret any trouble this recall may have caused,” the company stated.

A Maryland woman reported her dog had passed away after eating Cesar Filet Mignon a few days after the recall was made public. She was unaware that it had been called back.

In response, Mars Inc. said it was looking into the allegations. Nine months later, the business acknowledged that it continued to receive consumer complaints. They are about extraneous items, including insects, in several of its pet food products, including Pedigree. Mars stressed that it was making efforts to execute corrective measures completely.

At a Mars canning plant in Columbus, Ohio, pest control reports indicated broken cans covered in flies. Also, many employees complained about cockroaches in the area, particularly at night. We hope it was an exaggeration when several employees reported seeing “multiple roaches.”

Two live roaches were seen by inspectors from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA highlighted how important the pest issue was, and the business “promised correction.”

Fortunately, this recall only involved a small number of Cesar dog food formulas and batches. With best-by dates of August 4th or August 5th, 2018, it was single or variety packages of the Classics Fillet Mignon recipe.


According to our study (FDA, AVMA, and DogFoodAdvisor), Cesar has experienced one recall. Thus, it is not a brand that is immune from them. Plastic contamination from foreign objects is a prevalent reason for recalls and has harmed many brands over the years.

Given the size of Cesar’s business and how long they have been active in the market, their recall track record is not bad. It is especially so when compared to other budget-friendly brands.

In the upcoming years, we hope Cesar can continue to produce its products to a high standard of quality and security without having to issue any further recalls. Still, we advise pet owners to be on the lookout for any upcoming Cesar or other pet food brand recalls.