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Lego Boost discontinued 2023 – What will replace Lego Mindstorms?

Is Lego Boost discontinued? Lego is a very famous brand known for producing tech-related toys for children. Lego Mindstorms was a product that came out in 1998 after a collaboration between Lego and the Massachusetts Institute of technology. It has now been announced that Lego will discontinue all its products under the mind storm category. All those people who have already purchased toys or robot kids from this brand will receive app-related support for the next two years.

Lego has been providing its mind storms, robotic kids, for over 24 years in the market. It came with different parts of an un- assembled robot along with a lot of other gears as well. The concept became popular among young boys who enjoyed De is Hitech toys. In 2006 they launched the following generation variant, which was popularly known as NXT and was known for its Hitech features better than the variant already available in the market.

But recently, the brand announced that it would discontinue its products under the mind storm category by the end of the year. The brand has said that they want to focus on the other parts of its business and expand the areas that may grow more in the future.

Is Lego boost being discontinued?

Yes, the company has officially decided to discontinue its range of Mindstorm robotic kids. This was one of the first products launched by the brand and became excessively popular among children. It was a very innovative way of pulling children towards science through the help of intriguing and fascinating assembling of robots. It was an educational toy that was way ahead of its time.

At the time when it was launched in the market, it was one of the few products of its kind. Later, many products like Lego were released in the market, increasing its competitiveness. It also affected the product’s sales as other manufacturers offered similar robotic kids at a lower price. This is why the brand had to watch a decline in the sales of its popular mechanical kits.

The conventional Lego boost kids have lost their charm in the market. This is why the company has concluded discontinuity production of this gate. This means that these Lego boosts might become a rare sight by next year. Only the people who have bought them will be able to preserve them in good condition.

Model of Lego Boost Mindstorm

Lego Boost discontinued 2023

The Lego boost mind storm was available in the market for US$35.99. There were five different variants available in the market. This includes a four-legged walker and a bipedal wheeled robot. For many years the product was top-rated in the market. In fact, in 2013, they also added new product features. A spokesperson from Lego has said that currently, they want to focus on more critical aspects of their brand. They have still maintained and retained the trademark for Lego Mindstorm. 

The company’s chances of returning to the market are high. The app launched to support their robotic kids will remain live until 2024. The brand will continue to update the customers so they can use the newly purchased kits for at least two years. If you have recently bought this kit, you should be reassured about future usage as the brand has made responsible decisions. 


Lego Boost has decided to discontinue the production of its mind storm series, which remained so popular for around two decades. Now the brand has decided to focus on the more critical aspects of the business that can generate revenues and remain relevant in the coming years.

One Million Lucky Discontinued 2023 – how long does 1 million lucky last?

Why One Million Lucky discontinued? Paco Rabanne’s 1 Million has been a hugely popular perfume since its debut many years ago. It is known for being a daring and absolutely monster performer, making it a favorite of young men worldwide. With the official launch of 1 Million Prive, a flanker scent, in 2016, the fragrance may face intense competition from one born from its own achievement.

Paco Rabanne’s “1 Million Lucky” is not discontinued and can still be found in select stores.

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Is Paco Rabanne’s 1 Million Prive discontinued?

Paco Rabanne debuted “1 Million” in 2008, followed by “Lady Million” in 2010. Influenced by extravagance, gold, and wealth, the perfume duo has gained popularity. They announced that the label’s new fragrant pair, 1 Million Prive and Lady Million Prive, would be released in the summer of 2016.

Paco Rabanne’s 1 Million Lucky is a woody perfume for men. In 2018, “1 Million Lucky” was released. Natalie Gracia-Cetto is the perfumer behind this scent. Plum, ozonic notes, grapefruit, and bergamot are the top notes; hazelnut, honey, cedar, cashmere wood, jasmine, and orange blossom are the middle notes; and amber wood, patchouli, oakmoss, and vetiver are the bottom notes.

Prive is more like the original than “1 Million Lucky.” It retains the same sweet, candy-like flavor as the original but adds a plum note. This plum is drenched in amber and placed on top of the wood. So it’s different. Then, with the addition of hazelnut, it creates a distinct nutty profile.

Prive, on the other hand, adopts a style that is a little bit darker but less sweet. It still has the same cinnamon flavor as the original. But it also has an apple fragrance that is not an ingredient in the blend itself. It has a flavor similar to cinnamon applesauce but is less sweet. The company discontinued selling Paco Rabanne’s 1 million private-label EDPs.

How long does Paco Rabanne Lucky last?

One Million Lucky Discontinued 2023

The opening of 1 Million Lucky has a pleasantly sweet, toasty, and woody scent. The plum note stands out with a touch of honey and a sprinkling of citrus. It does, in fact, have a sour quality, which some people might not like.

These milder notes are supported by an amber-coated cedar wood foundation. The hazelnut gives the soup a creamy or nutty flavor and makes it warm but not spicy.

The similarities to the first 1 million become apparent around the 30-minute mark, although ultimately, they are very distinct. We can identify a significant amount of cedar, amber, and the well-known patchouli scent.

The hazelnut takes center stage as the recipe progresses. However, the sweet plum and honey combination will emerge as the composition’s main characters. On top of a cedar finish, it has plum, honey, amber, hazelnut, and a hint of grapefruit.

It has good sillage but won’t utterly bomb a space. It extends a 3- to a 4-foot radius around the wearer and hangs much closer to the skin.

It lasts less time than the original in terms of durability (12 hours plus wear). We may expect Lucky to arrive in 6-7 hours. Possibly for up to 8 hours, the final portion is applied very close to the skin.

More than a fragrance for guys, it is also somewhat unisex. We know that Lucky also has a women’s perfume version, but anyone could use this one. It is less divisive than the original 1 million, but it has a more youthful vibe, like early to mid-20s. It strikes us as unusual, and the plum scent sometimes has a harsh aroma.


Do we like “1 Million Lucky” overall? Yes. Although we are not entirely swept away by it, we will undoubtedly appreciate it. Compared to the majority of products currently available on the market, it has a distinctive profile and sets itself sufficiently apart from its predecessors.

The plum note adds a distinct kind of sweetness found in many perfumes. In the end, it’s a lovely blend of sweetness, a woody base, and a nutty top with subtle allure.

Despite this, it’s not better than Prive or 1 million. It could be an excellent first choice for young men. We can only wear it rarely, but we enjoy the sweetness.

Is Yellowstone Cancelled in 2023 – Yellowstone Discontinued 2023

Is Yellowstone discontinued? Yellowstone is an American television series. The stars of this series are Taylor Sheridan and John Linson. It premiered on the Paramount Network on June 20, 2018. It depicts a quarrel between a large cattle ranch, an Indian reservation, and property developers.

The network officially announced in February that the megahit ranching drama would return for a fifth season. The news that their fifth outing will be “supersized” only added to the excitement. According to the Wall Street Journal, Yellowstone’s new season will include four more episodes divided into two seven-episode installments for a total of 14.

According to a May announcement from Paramount Network, Yellowstone’s fifth season will premiere on November 13. The announcement was made just days after it was revealed that the show’s production had officially begun. According to executive producer David Glasser’s statements in a January interview with Variety, production would begin in May.

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Did Yellowstone get cancelled?

Yellowstone Discontinued 2023

Yellowstone’s fourth season premiered and was televised for the first time on November 7, 2021. Episode 1 was aired for the first time. By 2022, the show would be in its fifth season, split into two parts of seven episodes each. The season will kick off in 2022. The fifth season is scheduled to premiere in February 2022. 

Season 4, which ended in January 2022, was a massive hit with the public. Fans are looking forward to Season 5. The main characters in this show are people from the American West. It’s about a feud between a large cattle ranch, an Indian reservation, and others who wish to develop the land.

The show was ranked first in broadcast, cable, and premium in 2021, with an astounding 11 million regular viewers tuning in each week. Not surprisingly, the series was quickly renewed for season 5, and guest stars Jen Landon (Teeter) and Kathryn Kelly (Emily) were promoted to series regulars.

Yellowstone’s Season Five premiere, which drew over 12.1 million viewers in 2022, consolidated the series’ position as the number one show on cable television. The drama starring Kevin Costner had the most significant opening ceremony ever. We must thank a simulcast of the premiere on the Paramount Network, CMT, and TV Land.

Yellowstone premiered Season 5 on the Paramount Network on Sunday, November 13, with the initial two episodes, “One Hundred Years is Nothing” and “The Sting of Wisdom.” Weekly episodes will follow. 

Yellowstone Season Five is just starting, with the first two episodes airing back-to-back. The show follows John, Beth, Rip, Jamie, and Kayce as they deal with a controversial gubernatorial election, a growing threat from outsiders, and a blackmail situation involving two. 

Dutton siblings. Yellowstone has yet to be decided to cancel or be renewed for a sixth season as of December 21, 2022.

Following the release of the Yellowstone prequel, 1883, the new season of Yellowstone continues Paramount’s expansion of the Taylor Sheridan universe. The sequel to the 1883 prequel, “1923,” was recently announced by the franchise. The new spinoff, starring Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren, will premiere on December 18, so there will be plenty to watch after you finish the main series.

Meanwhile, Yellowstone Season Five is still coming in full force as the Duttons figure out how to use their newfound political power to save their family ranch.

“Our method to franchise Yellowstone into a world of series to support the expansion at Paramount is already overperforming, with 1883 and Mayor of Kingstown proving to be two of the top titles.” A spokesperson said this for the company.

Yellowstone Season 5, Part 2

If you have not noticed, Yellowstone is on a small break following last Sunday’s midseason finale. But don’t worry, there’s still plenty of Yellowstone to look forward to. Part Two of Season Five will include seven more episodes of the rip-roaring drama. There are also additional episodes of the 1923 prequel series featuring Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren.

Cowboys don’t have time to unwind, but what about TV cowboys? They are, after all, permitted to give us a break. Fortunately, we are not bound by the grazing season.

Is this the season’s final part?

There needs to be an official word on whether Yellowstone will get a sixth season. But that isn’t necessarily caused for concern. Paramount Network revealed Yellowstone season five was happening more than a month after the season four finale aired. For the time being, we can only wait and see.


Yellowstone Season Five isn’t so much a follow-up as it is a brief respite over the holidays. The second half of the season would then officially launch on the Paramount Network on January 8, 2023, at 8 p.m. EST.

The series will continue for seven more episodes. Meanwhile, the Duttons will figure out how to sell their cattle, keep their enemies at bay, and secure the next country music headliners for their upcoming parties. Perhaps they can hire their own Luke Grimes (Kayce Dutton) to perform his new upcoming melody, “No Horse to Ride.” When we return in 2023, we’ll see what these impacts have in store for the Dutton family.

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Subaru WRX STI Discontinued 2024 – what you need to know

Subaru of America declared that the next-generation WRX STI with a turbocharged 2.4-liter engine would not be produced. It isn’t going to be manufactured on the new WRX platform. The news stunned the performance car community. The 2022 Subaru WRX will be available at dealers this spring, and the STI is expected to follow the year after.

Performance enthusiasts were eager to learn how much horsepower the next-generation 2023 STI with a 2.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder Boxer engine would have. It was rumored that it might generate close to 400 horsepower.

The air soon went out of the balloon when Subaru of America announced that the 2023 STI would not be produced.

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Subaru wrx discontinued 2023

Subaru WRX STI Discontinued 2023

The market for automobiles is still moving toward electrification. Subaru is therefore concentrating on how its upcoming sports and performance cars should change to satisfy the evolving market demands. The norms and standards made this choice for greenhouse gasses (GHG), zero-emission vehicles (ZEV), and corporate average fuel economy (CAFE).

The world is moving quickly toward electricity. By 2030, many automakers envision having an entirely electric lineup. Subaru Corporation has been hesitant to adopt a fully electric lineup. The Boxer engine and hybrid battery technology are the most effective ways to meet emissions and fuel efficiency criteria.

But when California re-established its GHG emission rules and ZEV sales requirement, many things changed.

The new law in California has altered what Subaru can sell in one of its biggest markets. Their announcement compelled Subaru Corporation to look into “options for the next-generation Subaru WRX STI, especially electrification.”

The United States or any other market will not receive the 2023 Subaru WRX STI. The next-generation STI was killed by greenhouse gasses, zero-emission vehicles, and corporate average fuel economy (CAFE), and it will never be revived.

Why did Subaru discontinue the STI?

Subaru WRX STI Discontinued
Subaru WRX STI Discontinued

Whether you love it or hate it, today’s age of fuel efficiency and carbon emissions makes electrified performance a necessity. It might even be more of a requirement for the Subaru WRX STI. Who among the products adjusted by STI doesn’t emit and burn like a burning oil rig?

It’s not bad to be letting go of its fire-breathing past. There are no longer factory-sponsored rallying initiatives, and the STI name has little connection to its gravel-throwing roots. Furthermore, the final WRX STI struggled to remain popular due to its outdated flat-four engine. It also worked to keep up with the hyperinflation in Europe. They should pause and resume when they are prepared.

list of factors explains why Subaru is discontinuing the WRX STI

  • It’s unlikely that the most recent WRX line will outlive other generations. Subaru selected the WRX range to start cleaning up its act. Shortly, we will see more hybrid choices. The alternatives are either a fully electric WRX or a new EV platform by the decade’s end.
  • It does seem logical that they have decided to discontinue high-performance vehicles if electrification is their long-term goal. Even some of the slower electric vehicle platforms on the market can compete with a gas-powered STI. Therefore, it makes sense to put this specific vehicle on hold until they develop an electric platform capable of doing it justice and possibly competing in motorsport.
  • One clear justification for doing away with STIs is emissions, and CAFE is at the core of that. If they had produced the STI, a highly thirsty car, mainly when driven hard, their fuel economy result would have been significantly lower.
  • The WRX is currently in its second generation. So if you’re searching for a sportier model, you’re in luck. The Boxer still has 270 horsepower, which is more than adequate. It is still available with a six-speed manual and four-wheel drive. However, all customizations are optional, as are STI badges if you genuinely want them.
  • The WRX STI’s discontinuation does not mean that the desired STI nameplate is no longer used. It will endure in Japan and Australia with the Levorg STI Sport. Additionally, Subaru suggested that it might later return as an electric vehicle. The STI E-RA concept, unveiled earlier this year, indicates that the STI nameplate may get its line of exclusively electric sports cars.
  • Subaru must disclose how its relationship with Toyota would have affected its choice. Toyota has just released the GR Yaris, so introducing a new STI would undoubtedly have impacted Yaris sales. The 86 and BRZ coexist in a bubble of some kind. Because it was a joint business, it is simple to justify. Two distinct models, the Yaris and the WRX would have ended up competing with one another for sales.
  • Small-performance cars have been less popular for some years. People are choosing practical pickups and crossovers in increasing numbers. But it’s not just that; Subaru has also struggled to keep up with the competition. Their build quality and performance fall are short of hot hatches from rival manufacturers, such as the GR Yaris.
  • The pandemic-related chip shortage is another aspect that had a minor influence on their choice. Existing models already struggle and have long delays. Therefore, a brand-new model at this time will be at the very end of the lengthy line.
  • The primary marketing strategy Subaru employed in the past was motorsport. The early STI models were unbeatable on the WRC circuit and even performed admirably when driven by privateers. They last participated in the WRC for more than ten years, and part of this is their efforts to improve their reputation as a manufacturer.


It’s all business. Finally, Subaru could have easily left the current-generation WRX STI on the market for fans to enjoy, but they opted not to. This would have been an expensive solution, and in the end, you only need to glance at the sales charts from the previous few years. You’ll quickly understand why the STI had to fall on its weapon.

Is Chrysler Airbag Recall 2024 ?

Is there a Chrysler Airbag recall? Airbags are an essential part of automobiles, such as cars and trucks. They serve us with safety kits and times of accidents and emergencies. They prevent severe accidents by opening up if they sense any abrupt moments in cars. This way, a balloon figure swells inside a car, preventing it from sliding or getting out of control. Having an airbag inside your car is extremely important to ensure your safety while driving your vehicle.

Chrysler is a very famous company that produces automobiles and airbags for cars. Recently, there have been reports of some incidents on roads caused due to these airbags in particular. It was found that while driving, people had to face significant accidents because their cars tilted and bumped into walls, etc.

Out of all these accidents, many have been so far that people were killed. Considering this, it has been advised by the government of the United States of America to avoid using airbags from Chrysler. On the other hand, the company has said that the defect is not due to their manufacturing but because of the humidity and temperature outside. Due to all these accidents, some chemical compounds used in airbags tend to behave differently in hot and humid climates.

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Is Chrysler airbag 300 recalled?

Chrysler Airbag Recall 2023

Due to the ongoing accidents involving Chrysler 300 airbags, an official warning has been released by Stellantis through its U.S. operating arm FCA US. The notification stated that people should avoid driving automobiles containing the Chrysler 300. This warning was issued when two people were already killed due to a crash involving this airbag. All those people who have vehicles installed with this airbag 300 can get their automobiles serviced or towed for free. 

All people are being urged to check if their vehicles have this airbag or not to take the necessary precautions and to avoid being involved in an accident. The matter is quite severe, and even a minor crash can lead to the airbag bursting and causing a fire in the car. The person might die from the fire and not from the collision itself. 

This is why it is essential to make sure that you check what kind of airbag your car has to avoid any accidents. People whose car has the Chrysler airbag 300 are given free services to get their airbags renewed and exchanged without paying anything. So you should not procrastinate and solve this problem as early as possible to avoid unnecessary accidents.

Is there More recall on the Chrysler airbags?

Yes, the Chrysler airbag 300 has been recalled due to safety-related concerns. Recently, many vehicles have been busting up due to some chemical reaction in the trailer airbag 300 used in these cars. The company has said that due to the hot and humid temperature outside, some chemical reaction is taking place, resulting in a chemical outburst in these vehicles. 

An official warning has been issued to avoid using this year’s bag at any cost. They can get their airbags serviced or replaced without paying anything. People must become aware of and solve this problem as quickly as possible. Many people have died as a result of these car crashes.

Similar incidents were reported in 2018, but the free services were stopped as time progressed. Now in 2022, there is again a rise of such road accidents, as a result of which this issue is highlighted all over again. This is the reason why the government has made it a point to inform each and every citizen. The manufacturers of the airbag 300 claim that one-third of the faculty has been reported regarding the same.

What Chrysler cars are being recalled?

Chrysler Airbag Recall
Chrysler Airbag Recall

Over the past few years, Chrysler has recalled many of its courses. Some cars have been recalled due to quality-related concerns. In contrast, others have been recalled merely because they had become ancient and the brand wanted to introduce new parents into the market. The cars that have been recalled are both sedans and SUVs.

The cars that have been recalled include 2015-17 Chrysler 200 cars, 2014-18 Chrysler 300 sedans, and 2017-18 Pacifica minivans. All the customers are suggested by the company to only buy these cars if they’re available in the market. This is because there will be no official software update by the manufacturers, which refutes the whole point of buying this car.

In 2016 Raisler Recalde around 80,000 sedan car variants because of some electronic gear-related problems. There needed to be more clarity in the electronic gear setting, and customers needed help understanding how the whole process worked. As a result, a particular sedan car was recalled from the market.


Chrysler has recalled many of its cars and other products over the years. Most of these recalls have been a result of some quality-related issues. Recently Chrysler was in the news again because of its air by 300. It was found out that all the vehicles that had this year had particular words boasting for crushing on roads. A lot of people have also been killed in these accidents.

As a result, an official warning has been issued telling people to not use cars having this airbag. Some cars from this brand were also recalled because of mobility issues. Customers found their cars started moving after parked at a particular place. This increases the chances of road accidents. Technical and mechanical issues have been the main reason behind the discontinuation of cars from Chrysler.

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Is Ford Edge discontinued in 2024?

Is Ford Edge discontinued? Ford has finally bid farewell to its well-known SUV, Ford Edge. Many people saw a lot of potential in this SUV, but unfortunately, it was never able to get the recognition it deserved. Ford has now decided that the production of its edge variant will be discontinued permanently, and this particular car will never return to the market. Initially, it was decided that a successor variant of edge called Ford Edge next generation would be released in the market. But a few months back, it was agreed that food would not be its edge next-generation variant.

Ford has announced that it will discontinue the age variant, and you will probably not see this car from 2023. The primary reason why Ford has decided to discontinue this one is that it doesn’t have the space for so many models. On top of it, age had yet to perform well in the market. A lot of people have yet to learn about this variant in particular.

The edge variant was manufactured in Ford Oakville Assembly Plants. Ford and Unifor, the Canadian union. Ford has decided to renovate this particular plant by 2025. This is where older variants manufactured in this plant have to be shifted elsewhere. By the end of 2022, Ford Edge will be produced in China, after which its production will be discontinued permanently.

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Discontinuation in North America

The car has been discontinued in North America, which means that all the countries of North America will not be able to buy it. Ford Edge China has not been affected by this decision, and Ford Edge will still be available in many Asian countries. But success variants will only be launched in China as well. Currently, Ford is paying more attention to its profitable vehicles with a scope of market expansion in the future. 

Ford Edge discontinued 2023 - 2024

Ford made many changes in its 2021 age area, which is why the price of the car also increased by $2000. The following generation variant was supposed to have a lot of quirky features, but four decided to wait to begin with its manufacturing. The car could have performed better in the market, especially in North America. This is why the brand thought it would be frivolous to launch another successful variant without prior public appreciation. 

Will there be a ford 2023?

Yes, Ford will be releasing its 2023 model, after which it will stop the production of this car. Currently, if you look at the official website of Ford, you will see that they have released the final specifications and look of the four 2023 models. You can also register for the pre-booking of this car, and the starting range is US$37,000. If you are interested in buying this card, you may do so because, after this variant, you will no longer see anything from Ford Edge. Ford has made many changes in its 2023 model if you compare it to the 2021 model. Initially, Ford had plans to launch the next-generation edge model, but those plans have been disturbed. 

What is Ford Edge a good car?

Yes, the Ford Edge had a lot of exciting features as an SUV car. The bad part is that this car never got the recognition it deserved in the market. As the demand for SUV cars is quite saturated, it is hard for vehicles to get credit. Every day you see some of the other SUVs getting released in the market with new features. This needs to be clarified regarding the best SUV car. Even though the edge is getting discontinued, this car was still worth its price.

The market price of this car was US$35,395. It had a 19-inch wheel and an all-black interior which enhanced its look. It came with all the basic features of an SUV car. The covers were made from leather which gave it a classy finish. This car had a 2 L four-cylinder base engine. It could pick up a speed from 0 km/h to 60 km/h in just 7.5 seconds. The car was smooth to drive and had a beautiful Outer look, making it look like an expensive car. 

Special features of Ford Edge

Ford Edge discontinued

The car had a 12-inch touchscreen display that could connect to your phone or any other device easily. It also gives the facility to opt for a Wi-Fi hotspot and Bluetooth connection. All the material used in the interior is high-quality and expensive. There is a lot of internal space, and you can easily sleep in the car by stretching your whole body in the back seat. For luggage as well there is a lot of space and you can fit more than a couple of suitcases easily. 

This car is perfect for long trips and road journeys as it is easy and smooth to drive. There were a lot of queues where you could keep your personal and small items safely, so they do not get misplaced. Although this car has been discontinued, it has many features that make it unique and attention-worthy. Ford doesn’t have any plans to drive this car again, but who knows what the future has in store for this car.


Ford Edge is an adorable SUV car that Ford is discontinuing. After releasing its 2023 variant, the brand will be permanently discontinued the production of this car. This is because the 2023 variants are ready to be sold and are already manufactured. After releasing their stocks in the market, Ford will no longer invest anything in the edge model. You can register for pre-booking if you’re interested in buying the Ford Edge model 2023. Their official website has opened the portal to register for Ford Edge 2023. 

Discontinued Victoria’s Secret Perfumes 2024

Some people who love Victoria’s Secret perfumes are sad because the company has discontinued making certain ones. This makes them wonder why the perfumes are gone and what else they can use. Many fans feel nostalgic and emotional because these perfumes were essential to the brand. But things changed, and Victoria’s Secret had to say goodbye to some famous perfumes.

Victoria’s Secret has long been a popular choice for perfume fans. They’ve made many great-smelling perfumes that people love. But now, some of those perfumes have been discontinued. In this article, we’ll discuss why Victoria’s Secret discontinued some perfumes and what you can do if you still want to find your favorite scent.

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What Is Victoria’s Secret?

Victoria’s Secret is a retail outlet for lingerie, clothing, and beauty in the United States. In addition to its leading lingerie brand, Victoria’s Secret has secondary product lines, including activewear known as Victoria Sports, swimwear, and a beauty division that includes perfumes, make-up, accessories, and other body care products.

The brand has struggled since 2016 as the largest company selling lingerie in the United States. This is due to changing consumer preferences and controversy surrounding corporate leadership’s business operations. The company also has a long list of discontinued body washes, sprays, and other product lines.

Victoria’s Secret Perfume Discontinued List

Victoria’s Secret discontinued perfumes are considered provocative, romantic, or playful. They can be found online at sites like eBay or FragranceX and may still be available at select Victoria’s Secret stores. The availability of the product depends on when it was discontinued. Body by Victoria was redesigned in 2014, and the original 2012 formulation is no longer available.

The following Victoria’s Secret perfumes have been discontinued. They are:

  • Victoria
  • Victoria’s Secret
  • Wild English Garden Romantic Bouquet
  • Victoria’s Bouquet
  • English Harvest Garden
  • Forget Me Not, Romantic Bouquet
  • Freesia
  • Her Majesty’s Rose
  • Azurine
  • Breathless
  • Encounter
  • Body by Victoria
  • Basic Instinct
  • So In Love
  • Sexy Sparkle Vanilla Gold
  • Simply Victoria

Some perfumes, body mists, and creams in the product line may need help finding. Even though they have yet to be officially discontinued, they are hard to find. Scents like Pear Glace and the Forbidden Fantasy collection have become increasingly scarce.

Scentmatchers is a website that claims to imitate rare perfumes. They also match a favorite scent that is discontinued, hard to find, rare, and authentic. This source allows Victoria’s Secret perfumes to be discovered and bought online or even expertly replicated and recreated.

Why Does Victoria’s Secret Discontinue Some Perfumes?

Victoria’s Secret has produced many perfumes over the years. They range from flowery and fruity to sexy and alluring. Many people love their perfumes because they make them feel sensual and feminine.

Well, it’s ordinary in the beauty world. Sometimes, people’s tastes change, so companies need to make new perfumes that people like better. Also, perfumes can be expensive, and sometimes, the ingredients they need aren’t available anymore.

Victoria’s Secret has discontinued some extraordinary perfumes over time. For example, there was one called “Heavenly,” which smelled like sweet vanilla and musk. Another one, “Love Spell,” was a cherry blossom and peach mix. People miss these perfumes because they were favorites for many.

Is Victoria’s Secret Discontinue Original Pink Perfume?

Victoria’s Secret Original Pink is a fruity citrus that begins with dazzling, alluring bergamot, lemon, and orange leaf notes. The heart is tempting us with gardenia blossoms, jasmine, peach, and summer rose aromas.

When you initially spritz the original perfume on your skin, it has a toasted citrus scent. It also has an attractive, slightly sweet, and fresh tropical accent. Because it delivers a timeless fragrance and transforms women into bright and feminine icons, it is ideal for Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z.

The best time to wear Victoria’s Secret Pink 2001 Perfume is during the daytime in the summer and in the spring. Romanian perfumer Annie Buzantian created it. She received a lifetime achievement award for her perfumery skills with another brand, and she now creates fragrances for the well-known brand Estee Lauder. Unfortunately, these perfumes fall short in some ways due to a lack of availability, but they’re stunning perfumes.

Victoria’s Secret Pink is available in two versions: 2001 and 2013. The accords were changed to a sweeter accent in the later version, but the bad news is that both versions are unique and rare. The earlier version receives favorable reviews but lacks the same punch due to its enormous sweetness.

If you pick a discontinued perfume as your routine, ensure you have backups. If you adore the brand, consider Victoria’s Secret Bombshell, which retains the Pink range’s youthful and vivid accents. It’s a more daring, fruitier, exotic, and provocative fragrance, with vanilla, Shangri-La peony, and passion fruit fragrances.

Georgio Armani Si EDP blends related green undertones with a sweet and fruity accent. This gradually increasing citrus accord is the closest match to Victoria’s Secret Pink perfumes. Georgio Armani is another term associated with high-quality fragrances, an excellent alternative.

What Makes Victoria’s Secret Wicked Perfume Unique, and Why Is It Being Discontinued?

Victoria Secret’s Secret Wicked perfume smells utterly different from other fragrances. Others are primarily fruity and floral, but “Wicked” has a dark and more intense scent. Because it is an Eau de parfume, it lasts about 4-5 hours. The base note, which lingers all day, is more vanilla-like.

It was just released in 2017. It comes in a heavy black and white glass bottle, making it feel luxurious. The bottle has black lace flowers, giving it a very sexy appearance. It’s a day scent, especially in the summer, but you can choose your favorite scent based on the season. It is ideal for day trips, work, and parties.

Victoria’s Secret has announced the discontinuation of its wicked perfume. The company tweeted, “Our Wicked perfume collection has been discontinued, Clarrissa, “We recommend stocking up while the mist is still available!

Why Was Victoria’s Secret Angel Gold Perfume Discontinued?

Victoria’s Secret has long been known for its stunning fragrance bottles. This one is no exception. It has remained unchanged since its release. While other fragrances have transformed over time, this one has not. It’s a clear bottle with a golden shimmer at the bottom and excellent gold wings on the back.

On the front of the bottle, the brand name is inscribed. Users can be confident that all details are printed on the box. The cap is made of high-quality plastic and clicks shut. They have created 15-ml limited-edition rollerballs for these signature fragrances, which are highly portable.

Victoria’s Secret angel gold perfume commences with a fruity blend of bergamot, orange, pomelo, kumquat, pear, and red berries. Milder floral notes such as peony, water lily, gardenia, jasmine, and tulip can be found in the heart of the scent.

There’s no denying why this is Victoria’s Secret’s all-time best-selling fragrance. Its floral scent will keep you feeling feminine and playful all day. When applied over your favorite moisturizer, it lasts 5–6 hours. Unfortunately, the brand has also discontinued Victoria’s Secret angel gold perfume.

Why Did Victoria’s Secret Discontinue Secret Crush Perfume?

Another discontinued product under Victoria’s Secret brand is Secret Crush. Victoria’s Secret Secret Crush is a floral-fruity perfume for women. A delectable combination of frozen pears, peonies, and peach blossoms is a part of the Secret Garden collection. It comes in EDT, body mist, and body care collections.

Crush is a flirtatious floral fragrance with spicy hot notes inspired by attractive lace lingerie. Victoria’s Secret was released in July 2016. This exciting scent features a fresh, feminine, and exotic floral bouquet with an alluring and vivid twist. Crush features pink pepper accords, spicy and vibrant flavors, and floral notes. 

The perfumers selected a specific peony hybrid and Ashoka flowers. The treasure peony develops citrus floral notes that are both fresh and feminine. Ashoka flowers blossom in Indonesia’s west coast rain forests from February to April. They are highly aromatic and have yellow-orange blooms. The Ashoka tree is revered and greatly prized in Nepal, Sri Lanka, and India. The brand has discontinued such a distinctive featured perfume.

How Have Victoria’s Secret Perfumes Made an Impact, and What Might Happen Next?

Victoria’s Secret perfumes have significantly impacted how people think about fragrances. They’re known for making people feel sexy, feminine, and elegant, and many folks worldwide love them. These perfumes have become a part of people’s identity and remind them of memorable moments.

Because some perfumes are discontinued, Victoria’s Secret might make new ones to keep their fans happy. This way, they can keep up with what people want and offer different options that people might like. Even though some old favorites are gone, there might be new ones for people to try.

What Can You Do If Your Favorite Victoria’s Secret Perfumes Are Discontinued?

Don’t worry if your favorite Victoria’s Secret perfumes are discontinued! There are plenty of other perfumes out there to try. Here are some ideas for finding new scents:

Look at Other Victoria’s Secret Perfumes: 

Even though some perfumes are gone, Victoria’s Secret still has many others to choose from. Look at their collection and see if you find a new favorite.

One perfume that many will miss is Bombshell. It’s loved for its fresh and flowery smell, making women feel confident and attractive. It’s been a popular choice for a long time and will always be remembered fondly by its fans.

But recently, some Victoria’s Secret perfumes have been discontinued, leaving fans disappointed and wanting answers.

How Can You Find New Perfumes to Try and Enjoy?

You can try perfumes from different brands that aren’t as famous. They often have unique scents made carefully and might be just right for you.

Go to local stores that sell perfumes. They have many different kinds, even ones you haven’t heard of before. The people who work there can help you find one you like.

Join online groups where people talk about perfumes. You can get ideas from others who love scents and share your favorites.

Try a subscription service that sends you different perfumes every month. This way, you can test out many scents without buying big bottles.

It’s okay to feel sad when your favorite perfumes are discontinued, But trying new ones is also fun! Our memories with our old perfumes will always be unique, but many new scents await us to discover. Perfumes might change, but they’ll always make us feel something. Whether it’s an old favorite or a new find, let’s enjoy the beauty of scents and how they make us feel confident and unique.

Final Words

Victoria’s Secret has discontinued some of its perfumes. This might make their loyal customers sad, but it also allows them to try new perfumes. You can try different fragrances from Victoria’s Secret or other brands. There are lots of scents out there to explore. Finding the right smell is essential because it shows who you are and can leave a good impression.


Why are some Victoria’s Secret perfumes discontinued?

Victoria’s Secret hasn’t said exactly why they’re stopping some perfumes. But it could be because people’s tastes are changing and they want to bring in new perfumes.

Will my favorite Victoria’s Secret perfume come back?

There’s no promise that a discontinued perfume will return. But Victoria’s Secret often releases new perfumes, so keep an eye out for them.

How can I find a perfume I like if I can’t try it in a store?

You can check out online perfume groups, subscribe to perfume services, or read what other customers say about perfumes. They can help you find one you might like, even if you can’t try it in a store.

Are there other brands like Victoria’s Secret for perfumes?

Yes, many other brands with perfumes are similar to Victoria’s Secret. You can look at small perfume brands and find similar scents at unique perfume shops.

Can I still buy discontinued Victoria’s Secret perfumes?

It might be hard to find them in stores, but you can look online or at unique perfume shops. Just make sure the perfume is natural before you buy it.

How can I make my perfume last longer?

Keeping your perfume in a cool, dark place and making sure the bottle is closed tight when you’re not using it can help it last longer.

What are some famous Victoria’s Secret perfumes now?

Victoria’s Secret constantly releases new perfumes. Some of the popular ones are “Bombshell,” “Tease,” and more.

Can I buy Victoria’s Secret perfumes online?

You can buy them on Victoria’s Secret’s website or online.

Why There is Purina Pro Plan Discontinued in 2023?

Purina pro plan is a dog food brand famous for its unique packaging and marketing. The products have a creative outer look that can attract many people. It is the reason why the product actually got famous in the first place because it had a packaging that was different from all the others that were available in the market. Why there is Purina Pro Plan discontinued in 2023?

Recently there was news that the Purina pro plan is being discontinued and will no longer be available in the market. Well, you must know that this news is not accurate at all. Purina pro plan is very much open in the market, and you can still buy it for your dogs. The company is just going through a redesign of its packaging and marketing strategies. It has decided to change everything about the way it looks and the ways through which they sell its products. 

The brand offers a variety of products, including-

  • Purina Pro Plan Focus (Dry)
  • Purina Pro Plan Focus (Canned)
  • Purina Pro Plan Savor (Dry)
  • Purina Pro Plan Savor (Canned)
  • Purina Pro Plan Select (Dry)
  • Purina Pro Plan Select (Canned)
  • Purina Pro Plan Sport (Dry)

The unique thing about this brand is that they offer vegan and vegetarian protein sources rather than non-vegetarian sources such as meat. This new market segment has evolved through the years, and similar demands have come up from customers for dog food as well. 

DiscontinuedNews is impartial and independent, and every day, we create distinctive, world-class programs, news, and content that inform, educate and entertain millions of people worldwide.

Is Purina discontinued?

No, the Purina one is not being discontinued. The brand is just going through a change in its packaging and marketing strategies which is why many people have started to believe that the brand is being discontinued. There is no discontinuation, and the brand has just decided to change its packaging to remain sustainable in the market. Practices like this help maintain the dynamic qualities of an organization. 

There might be some changes in the formula of this brand as well. This means that the brand might change the way it makes dog food, which may also affect its taste. This brand is specifically made for dogs with sensitive stomachs and some related issues that cause digestion problems. This means that it aims and targets dogs who suffer from some health ailments. 

Is Purina pro plan out of stock?

Why There is Purina Pro Plan Discontinued in 2023?

Actually, Sometime Purina plan is out of stock. In fact, after the manufacturers decided to change the product’s look and formula, it became available in supermarkets and online websites in abundance. This means that you will easily find this dog food brand and will not have to worry about whether it’s in stock. The brand has been working relentlessly on the progress and increasing the quality of its dog food. 

If you want to purchase this dog food, you can order it online or buy it from your nearest supermarket. Chances are high that you will really like this dog food as they strive to maintain the quality and have taken extreme measures to ensure that the quality is correct and acceptable.

Is Purina pro plan well for health? 

Yes, the Purina pro plan is perfect for your health. Almost all of their products have very healthy nutrients. They also offer vegan and vegetarian sources of protein for dogs. They use Soybean and other things such as cottage cheese so your dog can get the required amount of protein even if it consumes a vegetarian diet. This is a revolutionary initiative started by the Purina pro plan because all dog food brands generally offer meat-derived products.

This dog fruit has been specially designed for dogs with sensitive stomachs, making it difficult for them to digest food. With the help of this food, it will be easier for your dog to digest food and not go through any stomach complications related to the stomach. If your dog is unwell or aged, you can, for sure, switch to this dog food to ease its digestion process. 


Purina pro dog food has not been discontinued by the manufacturers. This dog food is very much available in the market, and you still have the opportunity to go and buy it for your dogs. This dog food is one of a kind and offers various facilities, such as vegan and vegetarian protein sources for dogs. This is rare among dog food options available in the market, and you need help finding vegetarian protein sources for dogs.

Crave Dog Food Discontinued or Shortage only in 2023

Crave dog food is a very new product released on the market. Since its release in the market, it has been in the news for being recalled or discontinued. Now and then, people believe this dog food has been permanently discontinued by the manufacturers. 

Sometimes, people say this dog food has been recalled due to quality-related concerns. It turns out that the brand has never been either Recalde or discontinued because of any reasons such as quality-related concerns or losses. In fact, the brand has been running quite profitable for an extended time. They have now decided to become a part of the contemporary trends. 

They recently just discontinued their weight line of dog food products. This was a practice adopted by most dog food companies as it was said that wet dog food is not suitable for dogs’ health. This is why the brand discontinued its weight range of dog food products. Other dog foods by this brand are very much available in the market. You can get them at your nearest stores or online websites.

DiscontinuedNews is impartial and independent, and every day, we create distinctive, world-class programs, news, and content that inform, educate and entertain millions of people worldwide.

Is Crave dog food discontinued?

Crave dog food has been discontinued partially. The manufacturers have discontinued only the craving for wet dog food. This news made many people believe that the manufacturers’ whole range of dog food and this brand had been discontinued. This is hoax news; the brand has not been discontinued and is very much available in the market. This variant was known for being high in protein lesson carbohydrates.

 The wet variant was made from different protein sources such as duck, chicken, turkey, and lamb. This variant was known as the perfect balanced diet for dogs but was discontinued by the brand due to health-related concerns. It was found that wet dog food had less shelf life and was most likely to go bad within a few days of its manufacturing. It was fit for both adults and young dogs as well. This means that whatever your dog’s age is, this dog food can be used as a regular meal for your dog.

Is crave dog food good for the health of your dog?

Yes, crave dog food is good for your dog’s health as it is rich in nutrients such as proteins and carbohydrates in the correct quantity. Your dog will enjoy the flavor of this dog food; wide varieties are also available. You can choose the one your dog loves the most and give it to you daily. It is a complete power-packed meal; you will not have to go for other eatables to balance your meal. 


Crave dog food is very much available in the market. Only the wet variant of this dog food is unavailable, as the brand has permanently discontinued it. Other dry fruit variants or available in stores and on online websites. You can try this dog food as it is supposed to be very healthy. Yet they maintain a good quality standard and ensure that the brand has all the required nutrients and minerals. It is a healthier substitute, and it is also available in an affordable category. If you want quality products for your dog and do not want to spend a lot of money, you might purchase crave dog food. 

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Why There is Authority Dog Food Discontinued in 2023?

Why There is Authority dog food discontinued in 2023? PetSmart manufactures Authority Dog Food. The pet food and accessory company was founded in 1986 but entered the dog food market in 1995.

The only Authority recall we could find it occurred in 2007. The food was included in the massive melamine recall, in which over 100 dog food products were suspected of containing a chemical found in plastics.

Thousands of animals died from eating contaminated food, but it’s unclear how many were affected by Authority foods. While this is doubtless concerning, the fact that there has only been one known recall in the last 25 years is satisfying.

DiscontinuedNews is impartial and independent, and every day, we create distinctive, world-class programs, news, and content that inform, educate and entertain millions of people worldwide.

 Is Authority still in business?

PetSmart owns the Authority brand. It is one of the largest pet supply and pampering retail chains and operates in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Their pet products are sold in 1,650 locations, and they have approximately 200 pet boarding facilities.

In 2017, PetSmart paid $3.35 billion for Chewy, a well-known pet supply website. This was one of the most significant e-commerce acquisitions ever made. In 1995, the Authority dog food brand was established. Pet food for dogs and cats is available under the brand.

PetSmart also owns the Great Choice pet brand in addition to Authority. This line of products includes food, treats, and accessories for dogs, cats, small pets, and fish.

The brand was created to provide low-cost foods high in protein and fat made with all-natural ingredients whenever possible. They also produce cat food that adheres to a similar mandate, and in addition to dry kibble, they also provide wet food and treats.

The food claims to be made in the United States, but no further information is provided. It’s more likely that it’s made in several locations rather than one central location.

Is Authority dog food discontinued?

Authority Dog Food Discontinued

The Authority Dog Food brand was established in 1995. Later, it expanded its product line to include dog food, cat food, dog treats, and a number of grain-free options. There are dry and canned recipes available, and natural meat is usually one of the first few ingredients.

Authority Pet Foods provides recipes for pets at all stages of life. It is also a large-breed dog food and a specialty for pets with allergies. Only PetSmart stores and the PetSmart website sell Authority dog food.

The Authority dog food line is highly adaptable. Dry dog foods, wet dog foods, treats, and even dog supplements are available. There are three major brands of dog food. The product lines are Authority Everyday Health, Authority Aimed Solutions, and Authority Enhanced Wellness.

Everyday Health has the most options out of the three. This collection caters to different life stages, dog sizes, and special needs. The two remaining lines are smaller because they offer health-related solutions. Each brand line has a distinct purpose and formula. The ingredients are chosen and reworked by the most recent nutritional research. This ensures that our dog is receiving the best food possible.

So far, there has been one recall of Authority dog food. The FDA recalled numerous brand-name products in March 2007 due to melamine contamination. Melamine contamination has harmed many brands. One of them was Authority.

Menu Foods notified the FDA of the potential melamine contamination after a small number of pet deaths in late 2006. Later, it recalled 50 dog food brands in March 2007. Successive dog food recalls it occurred throughout April and May. In the nearly 30 years that Authority brand dog food has been on the market, it remains a good thing that there has been only one recall.

Overview of the brand

Authority Dog Food does not contain any artificial flavors or colors. It’s a good choice because these can cause allergies in dogs. Some formulas use natural flavor, which is preferable to artificial flavor.

In general, these are high-quality ingredients for the price. The essential elements this brand contains are as follows: They are whole meat as a source of protein; fish for Omega-3s; brown rice in grain-inclusive formulas; fiber sources, and extra taurine.

The Authority dog food has received positive feedback on PetSmart’s website. The ingredients are popular, as is the price. Authority is a great, low-cost option that provides dogs with the required nutrition. A small number of reviewers expressed concern about recent price increases.

More importantly, dogs and cats developed skin problems in a few cases. This could imply that the formula has changed.


The Authority brand emphasizes natural ingredients and strives to give your dog the nutritional support to grow big and strong. Unfortunately, to keep costs low, they use a lot of cheap filler additives like corn. This isn’t dangerous, but it’s also not ideal. 

Because it provides your dog with a lot of empty calories. They are also prone to using allergens such as eggs and gluten.

Authority does not have the heritage of some premium dog food brands. But it is also much less expensive. If you’re looking for low-cost dog food that will provide your pup with all the nutrition he requires, this could be one of your best options.