Are CareTouch Test Strips Discontinued?

CareTouch glucose test strips are an essential tool for diabetics. It was created to be used with the CareTouch blood glucose meter. These test strips provide reliable readings, convenience, and ease of use. However, recent claims have been that CareTouch may have discontinued these test strips.

Some sites have stated that CareTouch test strips were discontinued. We could not get it directly via the CareTouch official website to validate that. It is because the webpage is not accessible. However, it has been reported online that a notice on the CareTouch website indicates that the business stopped producing its test strips on June 30, 2024.

In this article, we explore the current status of CareTouch test strips. Also, we can discuss the sources supporting the discontinuation of that product. 

Company Background

CareTouch is a well-known supplier of healthcare products. It focuses on devices and products that meet the needs of those with chronic health disorders, including diabetes. The company’s product line comprises 

  • glucose meters, 
  • test strips, 
  • lancets, and 
  • other medical devices.

CareTouch is operated by Future Diagnostics, LLC. It is liable for the production and distribution of CareTouch products. The business is headquartered in Brooklyn, New York. It has a solid reputation in the healthcare market for offering low-cost, trustworthy, and user-friendly goods.

Future Diagnostics LLC specializes in creating diagnostic solutions like glucose monitoring devices. They will help patients better manage their diabetes. Their products are recognized for their originality, quality, and compliance with international standards.

Manufacturing and Quality Assurance

CareTouch products are primarily manufactured in China. The products adhere to Future Diagnostics LLC’s strict quality control guidelines. CareTouch assures that all products meet high reliability and accuracy standards. They all comply with domestic and international regulations.

CareTouch products are developed in ISO-certified facilities. Thus, it is ensuring compliance with global standards. Also, they adhere to FDA regulations in the United States and similar requirements in other countries. The products are clinically evaluated to ensure their correctness and reliability. 

Availability of Products

CareTouch has a significant presence in the U.S. market. It has expanded its reach to international markets as well. Their products are available through various channels. It includes online retailers like Amazon and Walmart and specialized medical supply stores. The company is known for its commitment to affordability. They are making essential healthcare products accessible to a broad range of customers.

About CareTouch Test Strips

The CareTouch glucose test strips are created exclusively for the CareTouch blood glucose meter. They are used for measuring glucose concentrations in capillary whole blood. Thus, it provides vital details for diabetes management. The test strips are compatible with fingertip, forearm, and palm testing. Therefore, it gives flexibility and user comfort.

The CareTouch glucose test strip works by tracking glucose levels in blood samples. The glucose in the sample reacts with glucose oxidase on the strip. It generates an electrical current proportional to its concentration.

The CareTouch meter then evaluates this reaction and provides plasma-calibrated data. Plasma-calibrated results from these strips are roughly 11% higher than whole blood equivalent test strips. It is similar to lab testing procedures for accuracy.

The following are the features and benefits of the product:

  1. No Coding Required: CareTouch test strips are automatically coded. It enhances accuracy by eliminating manual coding errors.
  2. Quick Results: The strips provide glucose readings in just 5 seconds. Thus allowing users to manage their glucose levels without long waiting times quickly.
  3. Small Blood Sample: Only a tiny blood sample (0.5 µl) is needed for testing. Thus making the process easier with less discomfort.
  4. 14-Day Averaging: The system offers a 14-day averaging feature. It is helping users track and analyze their glucose levels over time.
  5. Memory Storage: The CareTouch meter can store up to 300 results. It allows users to maintain a record of their glucose readings.
  6. Alternative Site Testing: Users can test on alternative sites like the forearm or palm. Thus providing flexibility and reducing fingertip discomfort.
  7. Automatic On/Off: The meter automatically turns on when a test strip is inserted and off when the strip is removed. It is simplifying the testing process.
  8. Test Strip Release Ejector: This feature allows for easy and hygienic disposal of used test strips.

Sources Confirming Discontinuation

We checked with several sources to confirm the discontinuation of CareTouch test strips. It includes the official CareTouch website and consumer reviews. But there is a problem accessing the official website. 

As a result, the discontinuation of CareTouch test strips has been confirmed by various sources. Here are some references for verifying the discontinuation:

1. Amazon Review: A customer review on Amazon from May 3, 2024, points out the discontinuation. The reviewer reported having trouble finding the strips and confirmed that CareTouch had announced the withdrawal on their website.

2. Online Retailer Listings: Several online merchants, including Walmart and eBay, claim that the CareTouch test strips are out of stock. The products are listed as “no longer for sale.” It supports the discontinuation claim.

3. According to Google, “On the CareTouch website, a notice clearly states that the firm has decided to end production of their test strips on June 30, 2024. This decision was made for unknown strategic reasons.”

To get confirmation, we can speak with CareTouch customer service directly. They can provide current details about product availability.

Alternatives to CareTouch Test Strips

Removing CareTouch test strips may significantly shift the company’s product strategy. This choice could indicate a move toward creating new technologies. Otherwise, the company may focus on other product lines in its healthcare portfolio. Users are encouraged to look into alternate test strips and glucose monitoring choices in such cases.

CareTouch competes with several well-known healthcare and diabetes management brands. These companies sell similar products, including glucose meters and test strips. Each of these items offers distinct features tailored to different user preferences.

Due to the unavailability of CareTouch test strips, users must seek alternative diabetes care solutions. Here are a few alternatives:

  • Accu-Chek (by Roche)
  • OneTouch (by LifeScan)
  • Contour Next (by Ascensia Diabetes Care)
  • FreeStyle (by Abbott)
  • True Metrix (by Trividia Health)


The loss of CareTouch test strips has disappointed many loyal customers. A review on Amazon shows a user’s displeasure with the issues in finding the strips. It also states how they affect their newly purchased CareTouch meter.

CareTouch has played a critical role in making healthcare products more accessible and reliable. Now, the company is moving away from producing test strips. So, users should expect CareTouch to maintain its dedication to innovation and quality in its other product lines.

Contact CareTouch customer service or an authorized online seller for the most up-to-date information.