Is Burger King Chicken Fries Discontinued in 2023?

Is Burger King Chicken Fries discontinued? Burger King, one of the largest fast-food chains in the world, has been known for its iconic menu items such as the Whopper and Chicken Fries. Chicken Fries, in particular, has been a fan favorite since they were introduced in 2005. However, in recent years, the company has discontinued this popular menu item, much to the dismay of its loyal customers. This article will explore why Burger King Chicken Fries were broken and the public’s reaction to this news.

The History of Burger King Chicken Fries

Burger King’s Chicken Fries quickly gained popularity among customers for their crispy exterior, tender interior, and convenient shape. The unique form of Chicken Fries also made them a popular choice for dipping in sauces, which added to their appeal. The menu item became so popular that it was featured in several Burger King commercials.

In 2012, Chicken Fries were temporarily removed from the menu, causing outrage among fans. However, after a social media campaign with the hashtag #BringBackChickenFries, Burger King announced they would permanently return to the menu in 2014.

Despite their popularity, in 2017, Burger King announced they would discontinue Chicken Fries again. This decision was met with disappointment and confusion from fans. However, the menu item had made occasional comebacks as limited-time offers, such as in 2019 when they were brought back for a limited time with a new flavor, Garlic Parmesan.

There have been various speculations as to why Burger King discontinued Chicken Fries. Some have suggested that it was due to a decline in sales or rising production costs, while others believe it was part of a menu simplification effort. Regardless of the reason, Chicken Fries remain a beloved menu item among Burger King fans, and many continue to call for their permanent return to the menu.

Why Were Burger King Chicken Fries Discontinued?

Burger King’s Chicken Fries became so popular that it was added to the permanent menu. Chicken Fries were essentially chicken nuggets shaped like French fries, which made them fun to eat and shareable.

Despite their popularity, Burger King decided to discontinue Chicken Fries in 2017. The move was part of the company’s efforts to simplify its menu and focus on its core offerings. By streamlining the menu, Burger King aimed to make the ordering process faster and more efficient, ultimately benefiting customers.

While some customers were upset by the decision, others understood its reasoning. Many restaurants struggle with menu bloat, leading to longer wait times, increased food waste, and decreased profitability. By eliminating items that aren’t selling well or are too complicated to prepare, restaurants can improve their bottom line and offer a better dining experience.

Burger King’s decision to discontinue Chicken Fries was not permanent, however. The item has been returned several times since then as a limited-time offer or as part of a promotion. This allows Burger King to cater to its Chicken Fries fans without adding unnecessary complexity to the menu.

 In a statement to the press, Burger King explained, “We know our guests love Chicken Fries, and we’re sad to see them go, but we are constantly evaluating our menu to ensure we’re delivering the best possible experience for our guests.”

Burger King Brings Back Chicken Fries

Due to the overwhelming public demand, Burger King eventually brought back Chicken Fries in 2018. They even created a social media campaign called “Chicken Fryday” to announce the return of the beloved menu item. This campaign featured a video of people reacting excitedly to the news that Chicken Fries were back.

Burger King also changed the Chicken Fries recipe upon their return. They were now made with 100% chicken breast meat, and the breading was made with a different blend of spices, giving them a more flavorful taste.

The return of Chicken Fries was a success for Burger King, and the company saw increased sales and customer satisfaction. Bringing back this popular menu item showed that Burger King was willing to listen to its customers and make changes based on their feedback.

The popularity of Chicken Fries even led to collaborations with other brands. In 2019, Burger King partnered with Cheetos to create Cheetos Chicken Fries, which were essentially Chicken Fries coated in Cheetos dust. This limited-time offer was a hit with customers and led to other collaborations, such as the Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries.


Burger King Chicken Fries have had a tumultuous history, from their initial introduction in 2005 to their discontinuation in 2017 and eventual return in 2018. The public outcry over their discontinuation showed the power of customer feedback and the importance of listening to customers. Burger King’s decision to bring back Chicken Fries was a smart business move and a testament to their dedication to providing a great customer experience.

The success of Chicken Fries also highlights the importance of menu innovation in the fast-food industry. Companies must introduce new and exciting menu items in a constantly evolving market to keep customers engaged and returning for more. Chicken Fries were a prime example, offering a fun and unique twist on a classic menu item.

Overall, the discontinuation of Burger King Chicken Fries was a decision that upset many loyal customers. However, the company’s eventual decision to bring them back showed their commitment to listening to their customers and making changes based on their feedback. 

Chicken Fries have since become a staple on the Burger King menu, with various iterations and collaborations keeping the menu item fresh and exciting. As the fast-food industry continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see what new and exciting menu items Burger King and other chains will introduce to keep customers engaged and satisfied.