Burberry Classic perfume discontinued - Did they stop making it?

Burberry Classic perfume discontinued – Did they stop making it?

Is Burberry Classic perfume discontinued? Burberry Classic perfume, as the name suggests, Ojha is a very classy perfume from Burberry. It had been in the market for decades and was performing well. Suddenly, the perfume was discontinued from the market somewhere around 2020. People who had been using this perfume for a very long time were not able to find this perfume even after searching in tens of Burberry stones. 

The perfume was not also available on the online website of the brand. After asking a lot of executives from Burberry, it was found that the brand had discontinued the perfume. This means that it will no longer be produced, and people will not be able to enjoy this very famous fragrance. 

Since then, people have been trying to find a similar fragrance in the market. As we know, Burberry will no longer release this fragrance in the market, so people have no expectations for the classic of him to come back. This is why they have been looking for close alternatives and dupes. Till now, no immediate choice for this perfume has been found. There are a lot of websites that are still selling perfume at very high prices. If you are interested, you can buy from different perfume websites with stocks of this perfume.

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What does Burberry classic perfume smell like

This perfume by Burberry was launched in 1995 and has been really popular since then. The scent became a cult favorite among women because of its boundary and woody smell. The person who designed this fragrance is Michel Almairac. The main notes in this fragrance are Peach, Apricot, Pear, Black Currant, and Green Apple; the middle notes are Sandalwood, Jasmine, and Moss; the base notes are Vanilla, Cedar, and Musk.

Burberry Classic perfume discontinued
Burberry Classic perfume discontinued

This is a very yummy and gender-neutral fragrance. Both males and females can use it. This is a perfect part about Burberry fragrances as they are gender-neutral, and you do not have to worry about them being too sweet or too strong. There is a balance between sweetness and robustness, which is why they’re unisex. You get many features on the opening notes, and as the fragrance settles down, you smell other mature Notes.

The fragrance is very mature and formal. It reminds you of someone who is very accessible, spirited, and likes to travel worldwide without fear. The perfume is perfect for day, night, and night. It has the freshness of different fruits such as peaches, Apricots, pears, and green apples. At the same time, it also has strong notes like wood, Cedar, and musk. Also, to hint at sweetness, the perfume has vanilla and sandalwood. 

Did they stop making Burberry perfumes?

Burberry has continued making its perfumes. A lot of perfumes make Burberry Yash cell available in the market, and the brand is profitable. There are a lot of products that Burberry keeps discontinuing. The discontinuation is wider than just perfumes. Other makeup and clothing-related items are also discontinued frequently.

Sometimes, a brand discontinues a particular product because of a lack of performance. Other times the brand decides to discontinue the product because it has become too old for the taste of the new generation. To remain popular in the market, a brand has to stay relevant. For that, they have to keep releasing new products in the market that comply with the current market demands. If a brand remains stagnant with its strategic approach, it will lose its relevance in the market.

This is the reason why Burbury has discontinued its classic perfume. This doesn’t mean that Burberry has discontinued all of its aromas. Many famous perfumes are still available in both the online and offline stores of Burberry. So it would help if you were worried about that. The brand also keeps releasing many new perfumes in the market. This is done so that the new generation is happy with the brand and the brand remains profitable in the market.

What perfume is similar to the original Burberry Classic

Guerlain Angélique Noire is a smell close to Burberry classic. The perfume has become popular in the market and has gained a lot of popularity over time. It also has ten times more long-lasting, which means that it stays on clothes for longer than the original classic perfume by Burberry. 

Now that the Burberry classic perfume has been discontinued, the chances are high that most people will switch to this perfume. The perfume is also much more affordable than the original perfume by Burberry. It has similar notes of fruits and wood. Although the perfume is not exactly a dupe of Burberry classic, it is the closest you can find in the market. You can find this perfume easily in your nearest makeup stores. 

The brand also has its official website, so you can only order the perfume from the website. Yet there are many other dues you will find in the market for lower prices, but their quality could be better. Also, cheap perfume usually only lasts for a while. This is one downside of affordable fragrances, and you must spread them repeatedly.


The brand has discontinued Burberry classic perfume for women. The perfume was one of the best-selling perfumes by Burberry for over two decades. Then the brand decided to discontinue this perfume because of some personal issues which the brand has not disclosed. 

Some people say this is a consequence of the pandemic, while others say the problem occurred due to the old product. Well, one can only assume since Burberry has yet to release any official statement regarding the same. Often, brands discontinue their popular products even in the prime of their performance. 

These decisions are very personal to a brand, and no one can do anything about them. All we can do is have some patience and look for closer substitutes until this perfume returns to the market. 

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