Bottled Water shortage

Bottled Water Shortage 2023 – Why This is an issue now?

Why is there a shortage of Bottled Water? Water is an essential element of life. There is no life without water. Even a two years old child knows today that we must save water to save the earth. Now we are running out of water. Yes, you read it right but relax. We are running out of bottled water. There is a massive shortage of bottled water in many regions around the globe.

There are many places where the natural water is not pure enough to use directly, so bottled water is the only source of water there. While there are places where raw water is available, people still prefer bottled water because they think it is safer and tastier. People are unable to get enough bottled water in those places.

Since the pandemic, several shortages have been going on, but who thought a water shortage would also strike? People can survive without other items that are short in supply, recalled or discontinued, but no one can cope with the water shortage. What do they do in this tough time?

Retailers are at a loss due to the bottled water shortage

Bottled Water shortage

In the extreme heat waves of summer, water is the only source of relief. Due to the shortage of bottled water, retailers’ sales are declining. They are experiencing a huge loss. Half of the earnings come through the sale of liquids in summer, specifically bottled water. Retailers are very frustrated because of the shortage issue.

“You’d think water is water, but it’s not,” said one retailer. “We are managing to get through with a lot of niche and cheaper water brands to avoid losing customers, but with the suppliers not being able to supply us correctly, it means that customers are trading down to less expensive brands, and we lose profit.

“We are also making less per bottle than usual, especially on the premium brands, because the shortage has led those suppliers with stock to raise the wholesale prices,” the retailer added.

It has been a real challenge for both customers and sellers. Customers are unable to get enough water, and sellers are unable to get enough earnings. Some stores have limited a certain number of bottles per customer. Retailers are trying and working hard to keep their fridges and shelves full of bottled water for the sake of customers and themselves.

Why is there a shortage of Bottled Water?

There are various factors affecting the supply of bottled water. Plastic is one of the root causes of bottled water. The material used to make plastic bottles, called Resin, is short in supply. Due to insufficient packaging material, companies cannot deliver bottled water.
Secondly, the population is increasing every other day. Water consumption is higher than before, and the water demand is higher. Supply is not meeting the needs that, create a shortage of bottled water in many places.

The level of groundwater is getting low in some places. It has limited water resources. And the scorching heat of the summer is not helping at all in this hectic situation. People can’t help themselves and need to be hydrated in the summers. And that is not enough. All of these causes lead to the price hike in bottled water prices.

We are hoping that the shortage of bottled water will end soon. People need to be patient and help each other until the situation improves.

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