Boppy Lounger Recall 2023

Boppy Lounger Recall 2023 – Why Boppy Original Newborn recalled in 2023?

Is there a Boppy Lounger recall in 2023? Boppy loungers, a brand lounge-making company for infants, must recall around 2 million products from the market. Recently, the brand came under the news because of a massive recall it was forced to do in the market. The brand manufactures launches and pillows for babies to help them sleep. Loungers and pillows from this brand have been recalled because eight deaths have been reported due to these products. 

It can lead to suffocation and choking in infants, eventually leading to death. The pillows and loungers have to be designed so that they are extremely safe for kids and do not lead to choking. Generally, infants spend the majority of their time sleeping. This is why selecting the right sleeping devices, and products for your baby is very important. You will not know when and how a baby choked during their sleep.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) inspected the latest situation. It was found out that the products from this company are not safe for use by babies. This is why they had to be recalled from the market and make major changes in the design to ensure that babies can use their products safely without any worries. The worst part about these products is that you will not even find out if your baby is in trouble because everything will happen in sleep.

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Why is there a recall on a boppy lounger

Boppy Lounger Recall 2023

There has been a recall on Bobby lounger because of a current and latest miss happening that has taken place in the United States of America. Eight deaths of infants have been reported due to the use of this product. Situations like these are very unfortunate for both families and the government. As a result, the government had to be involved, eventually deciding that the brand would go under a massive recall. Everything associated with babies has to be manufactured with utmost care and precision. The smallest mistake can lead to disastrous results.

The CEO of the brand has responded to the current situation. He said they understand the gravity of mistakes and take full responsibility for everything. As babies spend most of their time sleeping, making products that promote safety during their sleep is very important. Due to the risk of suffocation, all the products by their brand are not worth staying in the market. This is why they are undergoing a major recall to redesign their products and bring them back in the market when they are safe to be used. 

The CEO also said that they are doing everything possible to await the public about the current situation. They have called all the products from the market. The brand has also insisted that the public who has already bought its products either not use them at all or give them back to the company.

Is there a recall on Boppy Lounger in 2023?

Boppy Lounger Recall 2023

Yes, there has been re-called on Boppy Lounger. The recall has been initiated because of a safety threat. Eight infants have lost their lives because of suffocation and choking by these pillows and loungers. As a result, the brand had to withdraw 2 million products from the market. 

There is strict instruction for all parents who have bought this product to stop using it and get it exchanged from the brand shops. It was reported that Boppy Lounger sold around 3 million hit smoking dies that are defective and have a threat of suffocating the child. This means that around 3 million families are currently using the product and are under a potential threat. 

The variant, recalled, is available in various colors and has a size of 23 inches long by 22 inches wide and 7 inches high. These lounges were sold between 2004 to 2021. The price range is different where. Some of these have been sold for as low as US$30, and others have been sold for US$40. Consumers can get their products exchanged and receive their money back by visiting any of the brand’s official stores. Parents have been advised repeatedly to use flat surfaces for their babies while sleeping. That is the best thing you can do for your child; it comes with no threats.

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