Bojangles Bo Sauce Discontinued

Is Bojangles Bo Sauce Discontinued? – What Need To Know

Is Bojangles Bo Sauce Discontinued? Bojangles is a very famous fast-food chain in the United States of America. It sells various fast food items that are popular among people of different ages. The company is primarily known for selling fried chicken and biscuits made from buttermilk. It gives the taste of the native food of America, which is enjoyed by many people. Besides the United States of America, the company has franchisees in different countries, such as Grand Cayman Island, Jamaica, Honduras, Mexico, Ireland, and China. 

In the United States of America, this fast food chain is currently operating in around 15 states. Northern Carolina, the home state of this fast food chain, now has the most significant number of operating chain stores from this company. Its famous dish called biscuits sandwich became very popular among the people of the United States of America.

There are a lot of other exciting items on the menu of this fast food chain, such as country ham, egg, cheese, bacon, sausage, and country-fried steak. They also sell a variety of sources which is a major attraction for customers towards this fast food chain. Their famous sauce, bo sauce, has been discontinued by the manufacturers and is no longer available. It was the staple source of many people who enjoyed it with various things. 

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Why bo sauce discontinued? 

Bojangles Bo Sauce Discontinued

Yes, Bo sauce has been discontinued by the food chain and is no longer available in the market. Suddenly a lot of people started noticing that this source was unavailable in most of the food chains of Bojangles for a very long time. Upon asking the people at the store, they were still waiting for a satisfactory answer. It was always told that the sources were temporarily unavailable and would soon come back in stock. 

But it has been a long time since the source was discontinued, and till now, it has yet to come back in stock. The source was a fan favorite and had a year-replaceable Indha hearts of people who utterly enjoyed it. Its discontinuation has upset a lot of people who enjoyed its dynamic flavors. Although Bojangles keeps releasing various sources on dips now and then, the blue sauce was the brand’s identification. Chances are high that there might be some manufacturing issues or problems related to the supply chain, due to which it has been discontinued. 

A brand only discontinues such a fan-favorite and profitable product once unless some issues cannot be resolved. Most likely, the source will return if the brand can solve the problem. Till then, there are a lot of ways through which you can make this sauce at your home. Numerous recipes are available online that can help you make this sauce that will taste very close to the bo sauce by Bojangles. 

History of Bojangles

The first Bojangles store was opened in Charlotte in 1977. Its first franchise store was also opened in the same year. It was in 1989 that Bojangles got a lot of recognition because during the Carolina flood, it was open and was under operation, and all the other fast food stores in Carolina were closed.

In the 2000s, it opened around 300 new chain stores and established itself as a prominent fast-food chain brand.


Bo sauce by Bojangles has been discontinued and is currently unavailable in the market. The brand may face problems related to the supply chain, raw ingredients, or logistics. The source will likely return to the market as soon as the problem is solved. 

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