BMW i8 Discontinued

Is the BMW i8 Discontinued? What is the next scenario for BMW?

Is the BMW i8 Discontinued? BMW i8 is a sports car from BMW that is hybrid and plug-in, and the name of this model refers to the electrified fleet. The first produced version of the BMW i8 was introduced to the public at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2013. This variant was released in the German market in 2014 for sale purposes.

 On the other hand, retail deliveries to customers were started in August 2014 in the United States of America. A further Roadster variant of this model was also released in 2018. The production of this BMW car was stopped in 2020. This cargo is known for its acceleration speed which went from 0 km/h to 100km/h in 4.4 seconds. The top speed that this car could reach electronically was 250 km/h. The BMW i8 Coupe also had a good fuel efficiency of 2.1 L per hundred kilometers.

By 2020, 20,000 variants of this car had already been sold in the market, making it one of the best-selling cars of BMW of all time. During that period, it was the best-performing car compared to all its competitors and was hugely successful in the market. It was so hard to get in some places that people had to pre-book this car for six months or even more.

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History of i8 Car

This car was a part of BMW’s vision and was launched under the same banner. The i13 version of BMW was launched for the European audience in the fourth quarter of twenty thirteen and was very well received by the public. Europeans have always shown a tremendous amount of love toward BMW cars. BMW released the concept of the turbo diesel in 2009 in Germany.

BMW i8 Discontinued

 It was one of the pioneering automobile brands to develop this idea. The car became immensely popular among people who could afford luxury cars. Even though it was a high-range car, it had all the features of a sustainable and easily maintained car. The mileage was excellent, and you could pay a little money for its monthly or annual maintenance. Also, BMW had a lot of added benefits on the purchase of one of its luxury cars. You do not have to spend any money on the interior of the cars, and everything comes through the company only. The interior was a premium design and very good in quality.

Has BMW Discontinued the i8 officially?

BMW 18 was one of those cars built to give its customers the adrenaline rush that no other cars could provide at that time. It was manufactured with a vision to make the customers believe that reaching the speed it could be possible. It was a perfect combination of comfort and luxury.

It was announced in 2020 that the i8 car would be discontinued, and fans could not process this card’s passing away. Since its introduction in the market, it has been one of the most loved BMW cars. A lot of people thought that pandemic was the reason why BMW decided to discontinue this variant. 

This is entirely untrue, as the decision was taken long before people knew about the coronavirus. Many other people thought the car was ahead of its time. According to some, The public needed help understanding its utility of it. For others, it was too expensive to purchase. That decreases its relevancy and accessibility. 

All of these assumptions turned out to be untrue as it was reported that BMW had decided to expand its automobile industry to electrical automobiles. It was a hybrid car, so there was no space for a vehicle that wasn’t wholly electrical or a regular car. This is why BMW decided to discontinue the i8 version of this car.

Where can you find the i8 version of the BMW?

It is not easy to find the i8 version of BMW now in the market because BMW has officially discontinued the model. But you can find a pre-owned model by somebody who wants to sell their used car. This is the only way to get your hands on this highly celebrated car by BMW. 

BMW i8 Discontinued

This version has two different variants, which are Roadster and Coupe. Both are luxury variants yet give a very eco-friendly vibe as they do not emit much smoke. The brand has also discontinued the BMW coupe and BMW roadster. What is even more impressive about the car is that its assembly is also one hundred percent renewable. 

This is one factor that impresses many customers, especially those who are environmentally conscious.

On the outside, the car has a futuristic design and a sporty finish. 

Final verdict 

BMW i8 was an intelligent car, and what made it so customer-friendly was the build and services that this car provided. It was built with a vision of the future and was a sample Kar by BMW launched in the market. Through this car, BMW started its journey toward the electrical automobile industry. It also had a powerful AWD system which was different from most cars. 

It performed more than what was expected out of a conventional AWD system. The car was also a powerhouse that could pick up speed within seconds. All the die-hard fans of the i8 must not be sad as the BMW i8 was a blueprint for all the future cars that BMW will be launching. 

You will see the reflection of the i8 in almost all BMW cars. In a way, it will remain immortal with its successive variants.

The popularity of the sky will remain like this for a longer time because it has significantly impacted the public. But everyone can expect BMW to release even better cars in the coming future. They have decided to enter the electronic vehicles business, and the brand will likely perform nicely and give tough competition to other brands like Tesla. 

Until then, you can buy a pre-used variant of this car or another variant from BMW, as BMW has other hybrid cars. Or you can decide to wait till BMW drops a full-fledged electronic car that can give you the best rights of your life.

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