Beautyrest Black Discontinued

Is Beautyrest Black Discontinued – Is they Still make Pillows & Mattress?

Is Beautyrest Black discontinued? Beautyrest is the brand of mattresses which produces long-lasting mattresses. Their mattresses usually last 5 to 7 years, making them an excellent one-time investment. A lot of areas of your health and well-being are related to how and where you sleep. This is why choosing the right Mattress for yourself is very important. Your Mattress is very much responsible for your spine and neck health.

When it comes to Beautyrest it has been one of the top-selling mattress brands in the United States of America. It has made sleep easy and peaceful for a lot of customers out there. 

Beautyrest black was a mattress variant produced by Beautyrest. Many people started believing that the manufacturers had discontinued this Mattress. The truth is that it was never discontinued but the product was upgraded and a lot of other features were added in it to provide customers with more benefits at almost the same price as before. There was a slight increase in the cost of the Mattress, but it was still very much affordable.

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Has Beautyrest black been discontinued? 

No, Beautyrest Black has not been discontinued by the manufacturers. It’s just that the product has been upgraded and changed a bit by the company to add more features to it. The manufacturers have increased the price of this Mattress, but it’s still very much in the same range as the original Beautyrest Black Mattress.

Just because the original Beautyrest black was not available in the market a lot of people started believing that the manufacturers had permanently discontinued it. But the truth is that a company keeps on changing and renovating its original products in order to sustain in the market. New companies have made the mattress market very elastic and volatile. Because of this, all the other pre-existing companies must develop innovations and designs for their products to retain their customers.

Who manufactures Beautyrest?

Beautyrest Black Discontinued

Beautyrest is manufactured by Simmons bedding. Along without the rest, Serta is also part of Simmons’ bedding. They not only sell their mattresses to regular customers but also provide their mattresses to hospitals and hotels in bulk. 

Simmons bedding is a large manufacturer of mattresses and other stuff related to beds and bed sheets. They have been in the market for a very long period of time and have collaborated with different companies to launch new and other products. 

Beautyrest mattresses for side sleepers

Generally side sleepers need extra protection towards their neck and spine area to prevent any sort of pain. But they also need to be comfortable during their sleep so that they don’t feel drowsy during the day.

This type of sleepers can opt for soft to medium mattresses which can support their necks and also give them extra protection and comfort. Sleeping on the side focuses your body weight on only some parts of your body which can lead to alignment in joints and pain. This can be avoided through mattresses which offer extra support and wheat distribution. Beautyrest offers search mattresses that can ease up your sleep and avoid any kind of pain or alignment in your joints.

Beautyrest black can be used for the same purpose as having all the features, such as extra support, softness, and comfort, to avoid misalignment. 

Can I flip Beautyrest mattresses?

No, due to their intricate design it is almost impossible to flip Beautyrest mattresses. Also if you try sleeping on the wrong side of the Mattress, it will give you only some of the facilities as it claims to have. This is why you must rest on the right side to use your Mattress best. 

Also you will be able to use the single side of your Mattress if you can take care of it and keep it clean for a more extended time. New flipping will be required. But with extra help, you can indeed flip your mattress 180°. But you must remember that the type of comfort you get on the right side is not what the wrong side will offer you. Avoid using this Mattress beyond ten years because that is the expected lifespan. Make sure that you change your Mattress after ten years at maximum. 

Are Beautyrest mattresses good for back pain?

Yes, Beautyrest mattresses are specially designed to cure the problem of Back pain. They have adjustable and supportive bases that can be used for curing back pain. Customers who want particular inclination Inte mattresses towards the lower area of the Mattress for their feet can also do it because of the adjustable base.


Beautyrest black has not been discontinued by the manufacturers. The brand has improved and upgraded the product by adding features at almost the same price. This is how a company functions in order to retain its customer base in the market. Selling the same products for an extended period can attract stagnancy in sales. If you want to purchase the quintessential Beautyrest black Mattress, you can go for the upgraded version because it’s better than the conventional black one. 


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