Bathroom Vanities Closeouts and Discontinued

9 Bathroom Vanities Closeouts and Discontinued Manufacturers

Choosing the ideal bathroom vanity is difficult enough as it is. However, when you take into account bathroom vanity materials, it becomes even more difficult. You should think about what will be best for you, your house, and your wallet in the long run, whether you’re completely remodeling your bathroom layout or just freshening up the decor. 

No one updates or renovates, intending to return in a year or two to redo it. While picking the first affordable, attractive vanity you see might seem like a no-brainer. 

2022 will see a revival of gold, particularly in fixtures for the kitchen and bathroom. Even though shiny gold or brass is a great option, matte or brushed gold is in. With some lovely institutions, you can glam up your vanity. A marble countertop and gold fixtures make a classy statement.

This article will list the top bathroom vanity manufacturers based on materials, design, and construction quality. This list will identify the top bathroom cabinet manufacturers in the market. I’ll help you navigate this one because bathroom vanity manufacturers need to be more well-known.

There are numerous different manufacturers. But the best bathroom furniture companies are known for their dependable goods. That provides support and durability, aesthetic appeal, and excellent craftsmanship.

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1. Virtu USA: Unparalleled Quality

Virtu USA produces the best modern bathroom vanities. Their extensive product line includes everything from floating vanities to open-space designs.

2. Elegant & Designer Vanities by James Martin Furniture

James Martin Furniture is the leading producer of traditional and modern home furnishings of the highest caliber. This international business carries over 20,000 pieces of furniture and has a history with bathroom vanities.

3. Style, elegance, and affordability define JWH Living

Only a small number of exclusive dealers carry JWH Living. When it comes to design and enduring construction, their vanities are among the best.

4. Bosconi is a Reputable Leader in the Sector

In their enormous warehouse on the West Coast, Bosconi employs cutting-edge technology. As a result, they offer some of the best services. On-time deliveries and precise inventory counts accompanied them.

5. Stufurhome offers Venetian and chic vanities

A hidden gem, Stufurhome. Their most well-known models are what they are better known for. Among them is the Cansano Double Vanity that has. A natural Baltic brown marble top complemented the luxurious creamy white finish. A darker finish is also available for this model.

6. Design Element

An additional manufacturer of contemporary and transitional vanities is Design Element. Functionality and fashionable design are prioritized in Design Element vanities.

7. Hardware Resources

Vanities and hardware accessories are produced by Hardware Resources (HR), a growing company. HR carries a lot of transitional items that walk the line between traditional and modern design. Beveled door panels, pilaster legs, and contemporary hardware finished in brushed nickel are features.

8. Wyndham Collection

Mid-century modern to contemporary modern vanities are available in the Wyndham Collection. A few pedestal sinks and ADA-approved glass vanities are ideal for small bathrooms and some very distinctive designs.

9. Silkroad Exclusive

A Buyer and importer of elegant bathroom furniture Silkroad Exclusive. Silkroad Exclusive, an NKBA member, provides rich natural wood stains and marble top vanities. This is an excellent place to start if you’re looking for antique or vintage vanities.

Which vanity color is most prevalent?

Bathroom Vanities Closeouts and Discontinued

A popular topic among designers and homeowners who want to design the bathrooms of their dreams is the color of the bathroom vanity. It’s one thing to review lists of the most popular vanity colors 2021 gave us, but this is 2022, so it’s also essential to consider the future. The perfect bathroom vanity colors should make you happy for years to come.

Let’s discuss some of the most popular bathroom vanity color trends and how they might work with your remodeling plan.

1. White vanities for bathrooms

For years, white has consistently been the most preferred color for bathroom vanities. White is a color that never goes out of style and comes in various shades, not just “paper” white. 

The risk of abusing it arises because it has been widely used for so long. Suppose you want a warmer or cooler white vanity in your bathroom. It may be helpful to consider other shades of white that contain grey or beige.

2. Blue vanities for bathrooms

Varieties of blue continue to be very popular in bathrooms, continuing the theme of blue. There is undoubtedly a blue tone for your vanity. That will fit a bathroom with a blue-toned theme or a bathroom where the blue style you like. 

Compared to other shades, ranging from light sky, eggshell, ocean, and rain-blue tones to rich cobalt and navy. Pantone advises combining warm “celery” or “chai tea” yellows this year.

3. Black bathroom vanities

You can choose to go either way, even though many people ask. Suppose the color of the bathroom cabinets should contrast with the walls. However, lighten it up in other bathroom areas if you are set on a black vanity.

Black vanities are striking, luxurious, and elegant. Of course, there are various shades of black as well. So you are not forced to have a complete absence of color in this.


Solid Wood, Plywood, and Particle Board. These materials are most frequently listed as being used in vanities or cabinets. What you should use as the foundation for your decisions can be unclear. 

The most crucial factors are undoubtedly cost and toughness. Vanities may all function, but not all of them may function for you. What will last the longest in your bathroom can depend on your design preferences and daily hygiene routines.

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