Authority Dog Food Discontinued

Why There is Authority Dog Food Discontinued in 2023?

Why There is Authority dog food discontinued in 2023? PetSmart manufactures Authority Dog Food. The pet food and accessory company was founded in 1986 but entered the dog food market in 1995.

The only Authority recall we could find it occurred in 2007. The food was included in the massive melamine recall, in which over 100 dog food products were suspected of containing a chemical found in plastics.

Thousands of animals died from eating contaminated food, but it’s unclear how many were affected by Authority foods. While this is doubtless concerning, the fact that there has only been one known recall in the last 25 years is satisfying.

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 Is Authority still in business?

PetSmart owns the Authority brand. It is one of the largest pet supply and pampering retail chains and operates in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Their pet products are sold in 1,650 locations, and they have approximately 200 pet boarding facilities.

In 2017, PetSmart paid $3.35 billion for Chewy, a well-known pet supply website. This was one of the most significant e-commerce acquisitions ever made. In 1995, the Authority dog food brand was established. Pet food for dogs and cats is available under the brand.

PetSmart also owns the Great Choice pet brand in addition to Authority. This line of products includes food, treats, and accessories for dogs, cats, small pets, and fish.

The brand was created to provide low-cost foods high in protein and fat made with all-natural ingredients whenever possible. They also produce cat food that adheres to a similar mandate, and in addition to dry kibble, they also provide wet food and treats.

The food claims to be made in the United States, but no further information is provided. It’s more likely that it’s made in several locations rather than one central location.

Is Authority dog food discontinued?

Authority Dog Food Discontinued

The Authority Dog Food brand was established in 1995. Later, it expanded its product line to include dog food, cat food, dog treats, and a number of grain-free options. There are dry and canned recipes available, and natural meat is usually one of the first few ingredients.

Authority Pet Foods provides recipes for pets at all stages of life. It is also a large-breed dog food and a specialty for pets with allergies. Only PetSmart stores and the PetSmart website sell Authority dog food.

The Authority dog food line is highly adaptable. Dry dog foods, wet dog foods, treats, and even dog supplements are available. There are three major brands of dog food. The product lines are Authority Everyday Health, Authority Aimed Solutions, and Authority Enhanced Wellness.

Everyday Health has the most options out of the three. This collection caters to different life stages, dog sizes, and special needs. The two remaining lines are smaller because they offer health-related solutions. Each brand line has a distinct purpose and formula. The ingredients are chosen and reworked by the most recent nutritional research. This ensures that our dog is receiving the best food possible.

So far, there has been one recall of Authority dog food. The FDA recalled numerous brand-name products in March 2007 due to melamine contamination. Melamine contamination has harmed many brands. One of them was Authority.

Menu Foods notified the FDA of the potential melamine contamination after a small number of pet deaths in late 2006. Later, it recalled 50 dog food brands in March 2007. Successive dog food recalls it occurred throughout April and May. In the nearly 30 years that Authority brand dog food has been on the market, it remains a good thing that there has been only one recall.

Overview of the brand

Authority Dog Food does not contain any artificial flavors or colors. It’s a good choice because these can cause allergies in dogs. Some formulas use natural flavor, which is preferable to artificial flavor.

In general, these are high-quality ingredients for the price. The essential elements this brand contains are as follows: They are whole meat as a source of protein; fish for Omega-3s; brown rice in grain-inclusive formulas; fiber sources, and extra taurine.

The Authority dog food has received positive feedback on PetSmart’s website. The ingredients are popular, as is the price. Authority is a great, low-cost option that provides dogs with the required nutrition. A small number of reviewers expressed concern about recent price increases.

More importantly, dogs and cats developed skin problems in a few cases. This could imply that the formula has changed.


The Authority brand emphasizes natural ingredients and strives to give your dog the nutritional support to grow big and strong. Unfortunately, to keep costs low, they use a lot of cheap filler additives like corn. This isn’t dangerous, but it’s also not ideal. 

Because it provides your dog with a lot of empty calories. They are also prone to using allergens such as eggs and gluten.

Authority does not have the heritage of some premium dog food brands. But it is also much less expensive. If you’re looking for low-cost dog food that will provide your pup with all the nutrition he requires, this could be one of your best options.

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