Is Atelier Cologne Discontinued in 2023 – Will Atelier be back?

Is Atelier Cologne discontinued? When you go excitedly to shop for your favorite brand’s perfumes only to wear it on a special occasion but at the last moment you find that it marked a tagline as “currently unavailable” or “discontinued perfume,” we know it may be heartbreaking news for you but in this situation, what can you do?

According to us, that person will want to search for that particular item at various stores offline and online. Even though one cannot find that favorite product, one would definitely want to find out what it means and the main reason behind it. To do so, they will go for an online search.

Secondly, the one who desperately wants to have it would find a dedicated team who can help to recreate the fragrance.

After putting in all the effort, in the end, they would find another alternative for that particular brand.

If you are one of them, go for a Google search and find several blogs and articles there. 

After doing a deep search, you have come to this blog post! We hope we can answer all your questions in this blog post.

Let’s explore it further to get more detail about Atelier Cologne Discontinuation.

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Is Atelier Cologne Discontinued?

As the saying goes, Nothing is permanent; only two things are inevitable, i.e., Death and Taxes. Other than these, everything has a definitive end, and this brand Atelier Cologne has also changed.

And Atelier Cologne is discontinued, whatever the reason, but it’s an original part of moving with the times, and every brand tries to match the current trend in the market.

It is terrible news for those who still love to buy Atelier Cologne that this brand is going out of business now. But it makes good sense for the overall success of the brand.

Atelier Cologne shut down its stores in mid-March; it closed its physical locations in the USA and Canada and its online businesses. 

Since 2009, Atelier Cologne has been serving the best perfumes to its customers, but now the company has decided to stop commercializing its products offline in stores and online.

Let’s have a look at what the company said before shutting its door offline and online from the US and Canadian markets, “In the meantime, as a token of our enduring appreciation for your support of Atelier Cologne, please enjoy 40% off sitewide on your favorite Atelier Cologne products.”

What Happened To Atelier Cologne?

Atelier Cologne is going out of business, there is no doubt about it, but people obsessed with this brand are definitely up in arms and asking why Atelier Cologne is discontinued. Let’s go through this blog section to know the possible reasons behind Atelier Cologne’s discontinuation:

One of the primary reasons for discontinuing Atelier Cologne brand perfumes is that the key ingredients that make this brand’s perfumes more special and unique than other brands can no longer exist, and you can say they are running out of stock. 

Secondly, the manufacturers denied manufacturing another replica of this brand’s perfumes that can be made from those other alternative ingredients. In a nutshell, the manufacturing process can no longer be replicated.

During crucial ingredient shortages, other people try to prepare replica fragrances made from the other available key ingredients alternatives. 

Last but not least, reasons for the discontinuation of the perfumes could be, the manufacturer deciding to stop selling their perfume, ingredients shortages, the product being unable to meet the company’s target, the competition being high and no longer being able to compete with the other brands and many more.

Yes, the perfume sales started to decline, and the demand for the scent drops went down, leading to Atelier Cologne’s discontinuation.

Who Bought Atelier Cologne?

L’Oreal Paris bought Atelier Cologne, and the company agreed to buy Atelier Cologne. The top competitors of Atelier Cologne are Chimney Rock Park, Maset LLC, Diptyque, Penhaligon’s Ltd, and many more.

“Dear valued customer, Established in 2009, Atelier Cologne was the first fragrance house to create a new category of perfumes: the Cologne Absolue. Since then, the brand has engaged millions of perfume lovers around the world.” stated the company.

Is Atelier Cologne Comeback?

Atelier Cologne emailed to its North American clients, “starting a new chapter that will lead to the creation of more modern, upmarket fragrances designed to win over a new generation of perfume lovers,” and also wrote in an email, “comeback as a brand new Atelier Cologne,”

But its physical and online retail stores will be eliminated from the USA and Canada by mid-March. 

As the company has not revealed the dates for its comeback, but the L’Oreal department stated on social media, “the duration of its absence from Canada and the USA for the time being, “undetermined.” when asked by the US-based customers,” What is the date of the brand’s possible return.”

How do Customers get To Know About Atelier Cologne’s Discontinuation?

The company emailed the US and Canadian customers that this brand will close by mid-March 2022.

Where To Buy Atelier Cologne?

Yes, you can buy Atelier Cologne, as it has yet to clear its business since its launch. Atelier Cologne is still available and operating its store in New York; one is in Toronto.

You can buy Atelier Cologne perfumes at Sephora, Bergdorf Goodman, and Neiman Marcus stores. On top of that, you can buy its range from Lemon Island to Orange Sanguine and all its various fragrances now available at Sephora at up to 40 percent discount on sale.

The Bottom Line

The highest brand of perfume, Atelier Cologne, announced its discontinuation by mid-March, and this news left its customers baffled and upset with it.

The company wrote after deciding to make a comeback, “We have great ambition for the future, we are entering a new chapter for the brand to craft even more modern and elevated perfumes to inspire the new generation of perfume enthusiasts.”