are shopkins discontinued or not?

Real littles moose toys: are shopkins discontinued or not?

No, Shopkins has not been discontinued. Shopkins are still in production. They are still available. Shopkins are made by a company called Moose Toys. They are tiny toys that collectors widely collect in the toy world. Shopkins are more like little characters with cute figures and faces. One can also buy Shopkins at various stores and online platforms like Amazon, Moose Toys, and others. With that, Shopkins’ price range also varies. It depends on how big and how rare you are getting. For instance, prices of Shopkins on Amazon would range from 30$ to much higger depending on the rarity of the figure. Some Shopkins figures can also reach up to 100$ per Shopkins. Soe Shopkins, which have accessories and all, will be exponentially high in price.

The first set of Shopkins had 150 characters based on groceries, like fruits and sweets; later on, they added new locations like Baby, Homewares, and Petkins (which are like animal-faced Shopkins).

So, Guess what? Shopkins aren’t gone. They are still in the game of rare collection figures! Moose Toys is still making them, and we do not think they have any plans to stop it. There are over a thousand different Shopkins all around the world, and they keep coming out with new sets and themes. It’s like they never run out of ideas!

For those who think Shopkins are just toys. Let us tell you that Shopkins are not just toys. There are these dolls called Shopkins Shoppies. They’re like five-inch dolls with colourful, brushable hair. Teenage girls love them!

So, bottom line, if you thought Shopkins disappeared, think again. Moose Toys is keeping the fun rolling with more and more Shopkins for everyone to enjoy!

Validity Check-in 2024: Shopkins discontinuation

What is the current status of Shopkins in 2024?

As per the latest report for 2024, Shopkins is still in production. Shopkins will be available in 2024. Shopkins is not discontinuing, though rumours have been spreading in the Shopkins app that Shopkins will be closing down. However, this was only for Shopkin app discontinuation for their IOS and Android version. It was not for Shopkins’ toy figures. In fact, Moose Toys has recently launched six Shopkins apps, which you can get on Amazon Kids. 

are shopkins discontinued or not?
are shopkins discontinued or not?

Have there been any official announcements regarding the discontinuation of Shopkins in 2024?

No, there has been not a single announcement from Shopkins or Moose Toys that suggests the discontinuation of Shopkins. In fact, the discontinuation news was related to the Shopkins app for IOS and Android. So, we can say that Shopkins is not saying goodbye anytime soon. They are not calling quotes because they have a long journey to cover up.

Can we expect new releases or series from Shopkins this year?

There might be something up under the sleeves of Shopkins. Shopkins’s new release can be expected in the year 2024. Back in 2020, when Shopkins released their then-new season 14, they also dropped in some of the goodies from Seasons 12 and 13. Furthermore, Moose Toys also spilled some beans concerning Shopkins. Moose Toys has confirmed that Shopkins will not discontinue, and they are going to continue with their production line. With that, they also said that there would be some new releases in the Shopkins toy line. 

Are there any changes to the Shopkins product line in 2024?

Yes, major changes have been made in relation to the Shopkins product line. Here are some of the big things and changes that have been created. 

  1. Firstly, Moose Toys, which manufactures Shopkins, confirmed that Shopkins would not be discontinuing. 
  2. Moose Toys has also expanded its Shopkins product line, which includes miniature household accessories (Real Littles).
  3. Back in the year 2020, Jnaurag Shopkins also welcomed a new collection in its product line, like a micro-version of frozen food. Their partnership with Conagra and Kellogg achieved this.
  4. However, we did hear some rumours concerning the new season of Shopkins. However, there is no concrete information or reports that confirm the same. 
  5. Shopkins also decided to discontinue their Shopkins app of both IOS and Andriod versions. 
  6. How can consumers stay updated on the latest developments with Shopkins in 2024?

Here are some of the various ways to check Shopkins’ latest development for 2024. 

  1. First and foremost, you can check out Moose Toys’ official page. They provide all the latest pieces of information and releases. 
  2. Secondly, follow Moose Toys’ social media pages, and you can also subscribe to their newsletters for new updates. 
  3. You can also follow sites like Amazon for new Shopkins listings. 
  1. Debunking Discontinuation Rumors: Shopkins Still Thriving
  2. What evidence supports the claim that Shopkins will not discontinued in 2024?

There has been no such information that talks about the discontinuation of Shopkins. Instead, it was about the discontinuation of the Shopkins app line. Here is some of the evidence that supports the claim of Shopkin’s halt.

  1. Shopkins manufacturer Moose Toys mentioned that Shopkins would not be shutting. Instead, they would be launching a new Shopkins product line. 
  2. One Reddit post spoke about the new season rumours and the continuation of the Shopkins product line.    
  3. Have there been any recent product launches or collaborations involving Shopkins?

– Moose Toys joined forces with top food brands like Kellogg’s and Welch’s, creating a fresh Shopkins collection with packaging inspired by popular foods.

– Skechers collaborated with Shopkins on a cool back-to-school line featuring trendy co-branded shoes for girls.

– Shopkins broadened its Real Littles line by teaming up with household names like Unilever and Conagra, offering miniatures of frozen foods with matching Shopkins inside.

– Flair, the U.K. distributor, revealed plans to expand Shopkins’ product range, introducing new merchandise like Cool Cardz and Shaker Maker toys, along with a plush line.

– These moves show that Shopkins is not sitting still; it is actively growing its offerings and teaming up with various brands, bringing fresh ideas to the toy aisle. The brand is cooking up something big!   

Are there any testimonials or statements from Shopkins’ official sources addressing discontinuation rumours?

According to the internet, there have been no testimonials or statements that talk about Shopkins’ discontinuation. Moose Toys does not plan to discontinue Shopkins’ product line. Rather, Moose Toys is planning to expand its existing Shopkins product line. For more information, look at the official site of the toy company. 

are shopkins discontinued or not?
are shopkins discontinued or not?

Market Presence and Availability: Shopkins in 2024

Where can consumers find Shopkins products for purchase in 2024?

There are various places where you can get Shopkins toy products in 2024. You can buy it from the physical store of Shopkins or online. Some of the places you can buy. 

  1. Amazon: There are various Shopkins products, including packages, rare accessories, and more. 
  2. Moose Toys: Shopkins products are also available on Moose Toys’ site. They also provide Shopkin’s last updates. 
  3. Flair: Flair, the U.K. distributor for Moose Toys’ Shopkins, is gearing up to expand its product range with exciting crossover toys and plush in the U.K. and Eire.
  4. Walmart: Walmart proudly carries Shopkins products, showcasing its commitment to the brand with the exclusive launch of the Oh-So-Real Shopkins line in 2019.

Are there any notable changes in the availability of Shopkins in different regions this year?

As per the internet, there are no such notable changes in the availability of Shopkins in different regions in 2024. However, Moose Toys has confirmed the continuation of Shopkins. For more information, keep an eye on the official websites of Shopkins and Moose Toys. 

How has the demand for Shopkins products evolved in 2024 compared to previous years?

No, there is no such information that we were able to get on the demand for Shopkins in comparison to the previous year’s records. For this, we suggest you speak to the spoke person at Shopkins or Moose Toys. 

Are there any exclusive releases or limited editions planned for Shopkins in 2024? Will there be any limited edition Shopkins releases in 2024?

However, Moose Toys has released limited editions in the past. Like “Cool Jewels and Perfume Pretties”. Regardless, there is no such information that we were able to collect. 

There is no clear evidence about Shopkins’ limited edition in 2024. However, Shopkins has confirmed that there would be an expansion of the existing product line of Shopkins’ Real Littles. Apart from this, there would be some realization of micro-versions of frozen food. At the same time, the availability of this product would depend on where you are staying. 

Are there any physical stores that sell shopkins in 2024

Yes, Shopkins can be brought in brick-and-mortar shops. For example, in 2019, Walmart sold Shopkins (Oh-So-Real Shopkins product line). We can not completely rule out the possibility that Shopkins will not be sold in physical stores in 2024. 


In 2024, Shopkins will continue to thrive and will not discontinue, with Moose Toys actively expanding its product line. 

Contrary to rumours, Shopkins app discontinuation does not affect the toy line. Recent collaborations with food brands and partnerships with Skechers showcase Shopkins’ ongoing innovation. 

Flair plans to introduce new merchandise, emphasizing the brand’s growth. No official statements confirm discontinuation. Shopkins products are available at various retailers, including Amazon, Moose Toys, and Walmart. 

With new releases expected, Shopkins remains a sought-after collectable, and its market presence is strong in both online and physical stores.