Are Peterbilt 389 Trucks Discontinued in 2022?

Are Peterbilt 389 Trucks Discontinued in 2023 (shocking truth)?

Are Peterbilt 389 Trucks Discontinued in 2023? Peterbilt Motors Company is an American vehicle maker company. Peterbilt is a manufacturer of heavy-duty (Class 8) and medium-duty (Classes 5-7) commercial vehicles founded in 1939 after acquiring Fageol Truck and Motor Company. Peterbilt, which bears the name of the company founder T. A. “Al” Peterman, has been a subsidiary of PACCAR since 1958 and operates alongside Kenworth Truck Company (though serving as one of the longest-running marketplace rivalries in American truck manufacturing).

Since it was difficult for third-party equipment manufacturers to adapt to its European-based design, the business discontinued the 210/220 medium-duty CEOs in 2007. The Model 379 was decommissioned and replaced by the Model 389 after 20 years of manufacture. The 389, which has the same cab as the 379 from 2005 to 2007, has a longer hood than any Peterbilt conventional before, with better headlamps and aerodynamic upgrades.

There are rumours that Peterbilt is going to discontinue the Model 389. It is not officially confirmed, but people are looking for answers to how Peterbilt can discontinue 389 without announcing its successor. 2024 may be the final year for Peterbilt 389.

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Which model will replace 389?

Are Peterbilt 389 Trucks Discontinued in 2022?

Peterbilt has always been so specific about its model discontinuation and model successors. As we hear about the discontinuation of 389, people are wondering what will be the next model. Which model will replace the 389, or can we say it will be the successor?

There is a possibility that Peterbilt will shift its focus from the 3XX line to the 5XX line. Three hundred eighty-nine will discontinue by the end of 2024, and 589 will be the successor. Peterbilt will launch a model that will carry the fusion features of previous models 389 and 379.

People love the classic look of 389 and are worried if they will be able to get the same look or the same vibe in the upcoming models. Peterbilt always knows its audience anyway and will never lower its expectations.

Features we are going to miss after 389 discontinuation

Peterbilt’sPeterbilt’s game is always on point in terms of quality and features. Every model has come up with something extremely amazing since the beginning. Here are some incredible features that Model 389 has-

High-Efficiency PACCAR Engine

Are Peterbilt 389 Trucks Discontinued in 2022?

Under the hood, the 389 boasts the latest engine technology with the PACCAR MX-13. The advanced design and lightweight materials help save up to 4% in fuel economy and 150 pounds in weight compared to EPA 2013.

Quality and Design

  • Digital Display The new digital display is pure Peterbilt: bold design, state-of-the-art technology, and class-leading functionality.
  • Spacious Cab Featuring a charcoal finish that reduces glare and resists scratches and fading.
  • Unique Sleeper With superb shelving, storage, overhead lighting and cooling for outstanding comfort.


Air Discs provide greater stopping power, and better braking feels than drum brakes.

These features make the 389 more magnificent, apart from its classic look. People who want to buy one can still get it by 2023 if the order as soon as possible. The more you delay, the more units will go out of stock.

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