Are Mini Eggs being discontinued

Are Mini Eggs being discontinued in 2023? – Do they still make it now?

Are Mini Eggs being discontinued? The well-known Easter treat is made of solid milk chocolate. It is enclosed in a candy shell that is colorful—pink, blue, white, or yellow—to resemble an actual egg. Together with the well-known Creme Egg from Cadbury, they were initially produced in 1967. It has since become a staple of British culture. When news broke this month that 2023 will be the final Easter people may purchase them, people all over the UK were saddened. Yet, we shouldn’t take anything that we read online seriously.

Mini Eggs will continue to be sold in stores. There are no plans to stop producing the well-liked Easter treat. The rumor recently surfaced on social media; however, it is untrue. Moreover, Cadbury has disputed the incorrect TikTok reports.Let us know more about the item in this article.

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Cadbury Mini Eggs

Are Mini Eggs being discontinued

Eggs can be found all around during the Easter season. It will be in the Easter table decorations, the candy store, and in the front yard. The Cadbury creme eggs are likely the preferred choice if people enjoy chocolate eggs. While the traditional Easter treat is well-liked for a reason, Cadbury mini eggs are a worthy rival for the title of best Easter sweet ever.

Mini eggs are usually only sold during the Easter season. This is why some fans wipe local supermarkets of all available mini egg stock. To try to make these available all year long, some people established a petition, but thus far, their efforts have failed.

Many distinct mini-egg options from Cadbury are available. This includes:

  • white mini eggs (solid white chocolate with a speckled candy coating)
  • dark mini eggs (with dark chocolate filling) 
  • shimmer mini eggs (the milk chocolate original, but with sparkle).

Are Mini Eggs being discontinued?

The popular Mini Eggs from Cadbury are not being phased out in the UK. Although the well-known milk chocolate type is stable, the business has decided to discontinue their Royal Dark Mini Eggs in 2019.

NunuChocolate claims that due to decreasing sales and shifting consumer preferences, Cadbury was forced to stop producing the product in 2019. The decision likely disappointed some customers who enjoyed the dark chocolate treat. So one angry customer, Virginia Trible, started an online petition.

Mini eggs made of dark chocolate were better than those made of milk chocolate. It hasn’t impacted chocolate lovers in the UK. It’s because the dark chocolate version was only offered in the US.

Supply issues for Mini eggs

Cadbury’s continues to make the popular pint-sized Easter delights. But several retailers have claimed that they may have trouble keeping Mini Eggs in stock during Easter 2022.

Shop owner Goran Raven noted on in April 2022 that the scarcity of mini eggs had disappointed many in the market. At a trade fair, he spoke with 15 different stores. He discovered that none of them had Mini Eggs in stock.

Other company owners also criticized the absence of mini eggs in the West Midlands as well as in Northern Ireland. Mini Eggs and Creme Eggs are in short supply. This is according to Ballymena-based entrepreneur Eugene Diamond. The mini-egg shortage was known to consumers as well as business owners. It’s because some mini-egg lovers posted complaints on social media.

The company that makes Cadbury’s Mini Eggs is Mondelez International. They claimed that there wasn’t an issue at the time. According to the business, Cadbury Mini Eggs “play a crucial role in the festive occasion” as one of the nation’s favorite Easter products. Thus, they are happy to report that there are currently no production issues or shortages of Cadbury Mini Eggs. Let’s hope that April 2023 won’t bring up a repeat of this circumstance.


Easter is a season of memory since many supermarkets bring back some of their beloved, limited-edition items. All supermarkets are now dedicated to selling anything from premium Easter eggs to white chocolate bunnies. It’s because the pancake-eating frenzy of Shrove Tuesday is finally gone.

Sadly, not all our favorite sweets with animal themes will be returning in March. The Dairy Milk Egg ‘n’ Spoon is one item that has been discontinued, a Cadbury spokeswoman said. The announcement follows rumors that Mini Eggs were being phased out, causing the horror of sugar-toothed people around.

A spokesman for Cadbury said, “We’re continually listening to our Cadbury fans to ensure that our Easter line contains their favorites and matches their shifting taste buds.