Are Goldbacks a good investment

Are Goldbacks a good investment – Is it worth in 2023?

Are Goldbacks a good investment? Many precious metal investors are still determining whether goldbacks are an intelligent investment after hearing about a new type of currency in the media during the past few years. Many of us have recently heard the terms “goldbacks” and “gold foil notes” on the news, but we may not be familiar with the currency’s actual uses. This article will explain goldbacks and evaluate their potential as an investment.

The goldback, also known as the “golden dollar,” is a brand-new complementary or voluntary currency. It was developed by a private corporation called Goldback, Inc. Physical currency notes known as “goldbacks” resemble fiat currencies like the US dollar but have embedded 24K pure gold.

This currency has only been available on the market for about three years. So it is challenging to determine with certainty whether goldbacks are a good investment. In 2019, the first batch of goldbacks was produced, making it challenging to predict the currency’s future value and level of popularity. The average price of a goldback was $2.00 in 2019; however, by 2021, it had increased to $3.75, an increase of 87.5%.

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Are Goldbacks a good investment?

Are Goldbacks a good investment

Physical, interchangeable gold coins known as “Goldbacks” can be used as actual money in both small and large transactions. Investors and collectors purchase Goldbacks because they are actual, spendable 24-karat gold bills. They come in five different denominations, each with a stunningly distinctive design.

The Utah Goldbacks were a remarkable success as the first regional, voluntary currency. They can exchange them for goods and services at hundreds of shops. The United States series continued with the launches of the Nevada Goldbacks and More Hampshire Goldbacks, with numerous new states following the Goldback standard.

Each Goldback comes in five different denominations and is made up of exact amounts—999 pure gold. 1/1000th of an ounce of gold is contained in 1 goldback, 1/200th of an ounce in 5, 1/100th of an ounce in 10, 1/40th of an ounce in 25, and 1/20th of an ounce in 50 goldbacks.

Due to the near-90 percent valuation growth between 2019 and 2021, goldbacks have proven to be a profitable short-term investment. There are a few factors that have contributed to this growth. We first need to know that this currency was introduced in 2019, meaning the floor price was meager. Goldbacks were initially only available in one state. Hence, it is unlikely that the average investor would have had the chance to purchase them at the floor price.

The demand for goldbacks increased as more people learned about them. It caused the price to start rising. It is difficult to predict whether this spike in demand will continue over the coming years, which could increase the price of goldbacks. There are so many unknown factors with this sort of money. So it becomes increasingly challenging to create long-term projections, even though goldbacks may be a solid short-term investment.

It is impossible to predict how high the price of gold could go when making long-term investments. This is due to many uncertainties and variables associated with this kind of currency. When goldbacks were first produced, they were exclusive and only sold in Utah. However, they were made available over the next two years in three more states. This expansion contributed to the rise in acceptance and value of this kind of money.

It is logical to predict that the value of the goldback will increase as it spreads to more and more states. Now, it sees a rise in the number of people who use it daily. If this occurs, goldbacks may be a wise long-term investment, but only if demand and popularity for them keep rising. It’s also possible that this new kind of money will quickly disappear if it runs into problems with rules or similar problems. This could make the investment dangerous over the long term.

Future of Goldbacks

Are Goldbacks a good investment

The disadvantages of the goldback are clear to see. In particular, they’re finding gold for more than twice the going rate. Because of its expensive crafting and small supply, it commands a high premium. Both of these problems make it impossible for money to become a commonly used form of exchange.

The future of the goldback is auspicious despite these disadvantages. As technology advances, other manufacturers can make a Goldback-like product more effectively, boosting supply and reducing consumer prices. Profit incentives attract business people who produce goods of higher quality at reduced prices as time goes on.

If larger banks choose to manufacture their own Goldback-like money, the process of having less-priced gold-embedded bills on the market could be accelerated even more. Due to the Federal Reserve’s strategy of easy money, which helps its member banks, this is unlikely to occur soon.

People today must pay rising prices at grocery stores and gas stations. Inflation is causing chaos in the market due to the Federal Reserve printing trillions of dollars since the COVID-19 outbreak started. Finding hedges against inflation, such as precious metals, is more crucial than ever. Low- and fixed-income families and pensioners will suffer the most if the currency ever reaches a threshold of hyperinflation.

Fortunately, this is a situation where the goldback can lessen the impact of inflation. A goldback can be bought for less than the price of a standard lunch; therefore, buying gold can be a manageable sum of money. This is a highly encouraging trend for teenagers and college students who need more monetary funds to acquire vast quantities of gold.

It is unlikely that our grocery store will ever take this currency. But the technology that underlies it undoubtedly points to a bright future. Instead of the state’s unstable, debased fiat currency, people can use sound money that is privately given in the form of gold.

The benefits of Goldbacks

The development of the goldback was made to address several long-standing financial problems. The first task is solving the problem that fiat currency, like the US dollar, is not backed by anything physical and may be issued whenever the government wants to. This means that depending on how much money the government prints, inflation may significantly lower the value of the cash we possess. Fiat money puts the power in the hands of the government, which many people find difficult to believe in.

Fiat currencies’ values can change quickly. It depends on the state of the financial market and how much currency the government is issuing. If a government chooses to create additional dollars aggressively, then every dollar we own immediately loses value.

Many investors find it difficult to trust the government and the market since they think this is unfair. Since there is a limited supply of actual gold globally, goldbacks have an enduring value because each note contains physical gold. In contrast to fiat currencies, this implies that the value of goldbacks will be more steady and stable.

The capacity to spend partial or interchangeable amounts of gold was the second motivation behind the development of goldbacks. Gold has been used to buy and sell goods or assets for a long time. Gold has been used as money for thousands of years, from Romans buying territory with gold bullion to pirates acquiring boats with gold coins.


The issue in the past, gold was often only sold in large quantities. Hence, it is challenging to purchase low-value items with gold. Because the value of our gold coin or gold bullion will often be in the hundreds or thousands of dollars, we have never been able to pay for groceries or even gas with it. With the help of goldbacks, people can buy little, interchangeable amounts of gold for regular use.

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