Are Funko pops a good investment

Are Funko pops a good investment in 2023: Do this increase in value

Funko Pops are beautiful miniatures that depict the newest global trends. Characters from the most watched movies and television shows are featured in the most popular Funko Pops. Given that Funko Pop dolls are more reasonably priced than many other collectibles, it makes sense to question whether their prices may increase.

The gist of the reply is that, even after 10–20 years or more, most Funko Pops won’t experience a significant increase in value. Meanwhile, a small percentage of Funko Pop releases can fetch thousands of dollars. There are ways to figure out which vinyl figures will make good investments.

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What is Funko pops?

Due to their vinyl structure, Funko Pops have a premium gloss. They make excellent figurines and collectibles because they appear and feel more expensive than they actually are. Others build sizable collections without taking them out of the box, while some kids purchase items to play with.

The figurine’s design is known as “chibi,” a Japanese phrase that refers to the excessive drawing of a miniature person. The toys are small, about 4 inches tall, but they are visually stunning. Pop culture figures with oversized heads, little bodies, and various accessories are known as Funko Pops.

Although it appears to be a new trend, Mike and Claudia Becker launched Funko Inc. in the late 1990s. Mike found the original Big Kid coin bank on eBay while searching for the “chubby boy” mascot of the renowned US restaurant group at that time.

But Mike Becker grew bored with his own business over time. Although the firm was succeeding, his enthusiasm had vanished. In 2005, Brian Mariotti, a former nightclub owner and ardent collector pushed Becker to sell Funko to him after he had considered shutting down the business.

By utilizing the huge popularity of movies like The Avengers, The Hunger Games, and The Dark Knight Rises, the company had doubled its earnings to $20 million by 2012. After reaching $400 million in sales a few years later, Mariotti thought the business was prepared to go public.

Do funko pops increase in value?

Are Funko pops a good investment 2023

But they were totally demolished when they went public on the NASDAQ in November 2017. The stock price dropped within minutes and continued to decline all day. Funko’s stock had fallen 41% in five days, from $12 to $7.07, when the markets closed. Technically, the IPO for Funko was the most disastrous of the twenty-first century.

But they fought despite the setback and soon bounced back. In less than a year, their stock price increased 4.4 times to an all-time high of $31.05, and significant collaborations with Disney and Marvel followed. They achieved their target of $1 billion in sales in 2021, one year earlier than expected.

The massive online retailer eBay established a consortium with several executives last year. They are Peter Chernin from the Chernin Group, whose clients include Goldin, Hodinkee, and several other well-known brands, as well as former Disney CEO Bob Iger and sports agent Rich Paul.

This consortium invested $263 million to acquire a 25% interest in Funko, Inc. Funko recently reported sales of over $1 billion, up 58% year over year, which led to this investment. Everyone involved with the investment believed that eBay would take over as the preferred secondary market for Funko goods.

Not all limited-edition Funko Pops experience a steady rise in value over time. The price of Funko Pops can fluctuate significantly depending on world events and market factors. Collectibles like Funko Pops, which could be ordered online and played with at home, witnessed a massive rise in demand around the beginning of the pandemic. Collectors surely want the most expensive Funko Pops that feature the main characters of such superhero movies when a well-known franchise, such as Spider-Man or Superman, re-launches with a fresh series of films in theaters.

Which Funko pop is worth the most money?

A few Funko Pops are worth significantly more than their suggested retail cost. These are some of the more expensive Funko Pops widely available, as per Nasdaq:

  • The main character in the movie “A Clockwork Orange” is named Clockwork Orange. The Pop costs between $25,470 and $26,060, and the glow-in-the-dark model costs much more.
  • Freddy Funko and Count Chocula (Glow in the Dark). The Pop was released in 2011 and is valued at about USD 11,000.
  • The metallic Stan Lee Pop in the red superhero costume. It was available at the 2017 Los Angeles Comic-Con and is estimated to cost around $7,570.
  • Dumbo (Clown). After its initial release in 2013, the Dumbo clown Funko Pop quickly became popular and is currently speculated to be worth $6,640.
  • Freddy Funko (Freddy Krueger). Films starring Freddy Krueger and Pops imitating him share a lot in popularity. As per Nasdaq, these Funko Pops are worth $6,060.

Funko Pops with a small print run is a rarity, as most figurines are mass-produced in the thousands. Due to their scarcity, some Alex DeLarge Funko Pops had already sold for more than $30,000. The annual Comic-Con expos are yet another popular source of expensive Funko Pops. This agreement has given away limited-run figurines influenced by many of the most popular media franchises. This includes Marvel, DC Comics, and Disney for the lucky participants. Due to their scarcity, some limited-edition Comic-Con Funko Pops may gain value over time.

How to invest in Funko Pops?

In March 1998, the pop culture lifestyle company Funko was established. Since its founding, Funko has experienced great growth and has forged partnerships with reputable organizations. This includes Nickelodeon, Warner Bros., Marvel, and Major League Baseball (MLB).

Funko reached $1 billion in sales in 2021 and has now dominated the toy industry. Funko stock can be purchased by people who want to invest in Funko Pops. Funko stock (Nasdaq: FUNKO) was trading at $11.84 a share on January 23, 2023, a little less than where it was in the middle of 2022.

Despite this, Funko has steadily seen its sales increase each year. Thus, it makes it a possible investment choice for individuals seeking to invest in the business.


Finding a Funko Pop figurine worth purchasing can seem complicated because over 8,000 varieties are available. Thankfully, a number of resources let us follow the growth and fall of Funko Pops. We can also learn which figurines command prices of hundreds or even thousands of dollars from them. Auctions are one of the most well-liked ways to sell expensive Funko Pops.

For Funko Pops, Terapeak, eBay’s tool, will display auction records going back one year. Furthermore, The Pop Price Guide has a long history of Funko Pop values and records many Funko Pop figures. Note that whether our Funk Pops are profitable over time depends on various factors. This includes rarity, condition, and the time of movie and TV show release.