Are FreshLook Colors Discontinued?

Are FreshLook Colors Discontinued? FreshLook contact lens manufacturer Alcon announced the discontinuation of less popular products. The manufacturer discontinued a few of FreshLook products on October 1st, 2022. FreshLook Color is one of them. 

Suppose you love to wear contact lenses to transform your look. Then you are aware of FreshLook Color and Colorblend contact. You have also heard the news of their discontinuation. Of course, the news has confused me. Even the fans are concerned about it. So let us tell you that FreshLook Color has been discontinued. But its Colorblend range is still around.

Below, we have covered almost everything about FreshLook Color. Including, Which FreshLook Products are discontinued. Recommended alternatives, Where can you buy them? And more. 

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Which FreshLook Products Are Now Discontinued?

Rumours spread that FreshLook Colorblend has been discontinued. But it is not true; it is still around, and the brand has not discontinued this product.

Regarding FreshLook Discontinued Products, we noted that three FreshLook products have been discontinued so far. These Discontinued products are Dimensions, Color, and Handling Tint. 

What is the main difference between FreshLook’s three different coloured contact lenses? Do you know? If not, then let’s see:

First and foremost, three of them have been used for different purposes. The differences are subtle.

FreshLook Colors Contacts

There are eight varieties of colours available to offer you unique eye colours. It is specially created for darker, brighter, and bolder eye colours.

FreshLook Colorblend Contacts

It offers a contact colour that looks similar to natural eye colour. There are 16 different varieties of colours to choose from. You can choose changes from very subtle to striking colours.

FreshLook Dimensions Contact

It offers seven varieties of colours. It is specially created for lighter eyes for a more in-depth dimensional light colour.

If you want to change yourself by giving a bolder new look. Then you are suggested to prefer FreshLook Colorblends. It will change your appearance, and you’ll like your new look.

By the way, it’s up to you whether you choose dimensions, colours, or Colorblends. To create a stunning transformation, you must try the FreshLook Colorblend gem. All in all, three are colour contact lenses made of the same material. A key difference is the colour options or nothing else.

You can expect more difference in Handling Tint lenses than those of the three as they are not made with any colour except a slight handling tint.

Why Does FreshLook Color Discontinue?

Since then, FreshLook was introduced, and many changes have been made to contact lenses. FreshLook Color has been discontinued due to a variety of reasons. 

One of the primary reasons is that the product’s packaging has been changed. It needs to be clarified for customers in the stores.

Another reason is a wide variety of newer contact lenses has come on the market. They are more comfortable. Moreover, they let a lot more oxygen into the eye. Due to more features, customers switched from FreshLook Color Contact to other brands.

Furthermore, FreshLook offers a different technology than customers require. So people do not prefer to wear FreshLook Color Contact.

Altogether, Alcon planned to discontinue all those FreshLook products that are less popular among customers. That is why stores no longer carry FreshLook Colors or prescriptions. The entire line has been discontinued now.

Recommended Alternatives To FreshLook Color

As we have already revealed above that, FreshLook Color has been discontinued. But still, if you want to have FreshLook material. Then you must look for its alternatives. 

Moreover, you can also switch to the FreshLook Colorblends products as they are still available in the stores. The manufacturer announced they are not going to discontinue FreshLook Colorblends. So you can easily opt for them.

If you want to switch to something else or want to put your hands on other brands. Then the recommended options are Acuvue Define or Impressions Colors. Remember to consult your healthcare professionals before making any contact lens decision. This way, you can find the perfect option for you. You can also explore other products for more comfort and vibrant hues, including:

  • Air Optix Colors
  • Focus Dailies
  • Bausch and Lomb’s Natural Colors.

Above, we’ve mentioned alternative brands. They offer an expanded range of patterns and colours to choose from. Besides, they are more comfortable and also maintain a high-end vision quality.

Can You Still Buy FreshLook Color?

FreshLook Color is the most popular contact lens among contact lens wearers as they offer a wide range of colours, vision quality, and comfort. 

Colorblends are also the perfect option for many. Both of them are made with advanced technology. However, FreshLook Colorblends are more popular than Color. 

So, customers do not need to worry after hearing about its discontinuation as many switched to FreshLook Colorblends. 

Some stores do not carry the discontinued FreshLook Color, but you can still buy it. We know you want to know where to buy FreshLook Color even after having multiple alternatives aside. So, you can buy this discontinued product from two of the many retailers. One is CVS; another is WalmartContacts. 

You must also check for these popular brands online, such as:

1-800 Contacts and online retailers. As many online retailers carry discontinued or hard-to-find products. So, are you happy now? Keep enjoying the classy appearance of FreshLook Colors and Colorblends with peace of mind that your beloved FreshLook products have not disappeared completely.

Final Verdict

At last, Alcon discontinued less popular FreshLook products, including its Color, Dimensions, and handling tint. But you can still choose the right colour for FreshLook products as FreshLook Coloblends are still around. 

So, don’t worry, and enjoy choosing the perfect colour for you by considering your hair colour and skin tone. It can be a more exciting process when you identify what kind of look you want to have. Whether a subtle transformation or something more dramatic. For the best option, you can take advice from your optometrist. 

Let us tell you that FreshLook Colorblends offers you a unique blend of aesthetic appeal, comfort, and visual clarity. With the proper guidance, your transformation will be appreciated.