Aperol Shortage 2022

Aperol Shortage 2023 – What can I drink instead of Aperol Spritz?

Why there is Aperol Shortage in 2022? Aperol is an Italian drink made mainly of gentian, rhubarb, and cinchona. It has a vibrant orange color. It got its name from an Italian slang word, “Apero.” It was produced by the Barbieri company in 1919 and later captured by the Campari Group. The drink did not get its fame until after the Second World War.

The taste of Campari and Aperol is similar, but the alcohol content is half that of Campari. Both have the same sugar level. Still, Aperol is a little sweeter, and Campari is darker in color.

The sales of Aperol were great in the first six months, but suddenly we are facing a shortage of it. There are no confirmed reasons for the same. It is maybe because of the amazing sales at the beginning that left the stores empty now.

People have started to find alternatives

Aperol Shortage 2022

As Aperol is getting out of stock, people are finding other options to fill the gap. Many people have even shared their unique drinks recipe that will be the same as Aperol. Rivalry companies have seen it as an opportunity to market their drinks as a better alternative. Aperol is an amazing and flavorsome drink. Without any doubt, that is why it got sold out so fast. It does seem like a good deal, but every coin has two faces.

As much as the company is glad about the extreme sales, it is also worried about the next sales. Due to the high sales, the company is now out of units. There is a shortage of Aperol in the market. The company is unable to produce Aperol as much as the demand. People can still find some approvals in stores where the stocks are not out yet.

Aperol is ready to serve in 10 markets

Aperol Shortage

The market is going through an Aperol shortage, but the company has better plans for it. Aperol is getting ready to be served in 10 markets in one go. All the Aperol fans who are missing their perfect summer drink can now take a chill pill.

“The Aperol Spritz Ready To Enjoy are up 33.4%,” Kunze-Concewitz told analysts. “Bear in mind that we have this SKU only in 10 markets. We could sell a lot more, but we’re not allowing the markets to launch it yet.

“There was a huge demand from our markets to introduce it alongside the mother brand. And we’ve resisted that for many, many years, and we’ve waited for the penetration of Aperol per capita to reach a certain level before we let it free. So there was a huge demand from the market. And now we’ve put it into 10 markets, which will gradually increase over the years as the penetration of the Aperol Spritz and the mother brand increases.”

“In cannibalization, we’re hardly seeing anything, and we’re seeing it’s very different. It is focused on the off-premise, and it’s particularly for conviviality. If people are at home alone or just with their partner, they might not want to open a bottle for sake. And so they go for the ready-to-enjoy. So it’s complementary to the mother brand.”

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