Androderm discontinued

Androderm discontinued 2023 – Are testosterone patches available?

Is Androderm discontinued? On September 29, 1995, the FDA approved the drug Androderm. It is for treating older males with the medical issue of hypogonadism. The disorder known as hypogonadism occurs when the body generates either very little or no testosterone. There are various varieties of the Androderm patch available. Each delivers 2, 2.5, 4, or 5 mg of testosterone. The patient receives testosterone through the skin’s uptake after applying the testosterone patches to their stomach, arms, back, or thighs.

A patch called Androderm is applied to the body to increase testosterone levels. Androderm is marketed as an alternative to injectable therapy, roll-on low-T products like Axiron, and testosterone gels like AndroGel. Androderm is made to release testosterone for as long as a day continually. On November 25, 2021, Androderm was discontinued for commercial reasons.

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Lawsuits regarding Androderm

For “Low-T,” an unproven illness, Androderm, and other testosterone replacement drugs were widely sold. Several men who took the Androderm patch may have done so to relieve typical aging signs. But they never had their testosterone levels checked.

It’s possible that using Androderm unnecessarily improved the chance for:

  • Blood clots
  • Stroke
  • Heart attack
  • Pulmonary embolism
  • Death

Many men affected by testosterone medicine have filed thousands of Androderm lawsuits. This was against the drug makers, Allergan, and its affiliate, Actavis. The allegations in the Androderm lawsuits were that Allergan wrongly advertised their drugs. Also, it purposefully exposed men to potentially fatal side effects.

FDA Warnings

The FDA announced a safety warning in January 2014. This was after two significant studies connected testosterone replacement medication to a higher risk of heart attack and other cardiac diseases. Thus suggesting that they were starting an inquiry into the dangers. The necessity to add warning messages about the risk of heart attack, stroke, and other cardiovascular events was added to all testosterone medications. This includes Androderm gel and Androderm patch in the middle of 2015.

The FDA ordered that makers include safety information about a higher risk of clotting problems in June 2014. This includes venous thromboembolism and deep vein thrombosis. When taking testosterone therapy medication, there may be a two- to three-fold higher risk of heart attack, blood clotting, stroke, or other life-threatening problems. This risk is pronounced during the initial six to nine months of therapy.

Androderm Settlements

Allergan (Abbvie) was the sole supplier of testosterone transdermal patches. It has discontinued Androderm transdermal patches. The affected products are listed below.

  • Androderm transdermal patch, Allergan (AbbVie), 2 mg, carton, 60 count
  • Androderm transdermal patch, Allergan (AbbVie), 4 mg, carton, 30 count

The settlement of about 500 Androderm claims was disclosed by Allergan and its affiliate, Actavis, in July 2018. The settlement cases were just a part of a more extensive collection of about 8,000 federal testosterone claims. They had been merged into multidistrict litigation (MDL). Many manufacturers were charged with using deceptive marketing techniques to advertise medicines for “Low-T.” They hide the significant hazards associated with testosterone replacement therapy.

Patients who have Androderm damage must seek legal counsel. The details of the proposed settlement have yet to be made publicly available. Also, additional lawsuits may be expected.


Illegal generic Androderm may be offered for sale by fraudulent online pharmacies. These drugs may be fake and possibly harmful. Make sure that we get prescription drugs from a reliable and legitimate online pharmacy if we buy them online. If you have any questions about ordering any drug online, talk to your doctor.