Amazon Halo Discontinued 2023 | How long does Amazon Halo last?

Is Amazon Halo discontinued? Suppose you are still looking further to spend your time with various products of Halo that are available on Amazon. In that case, you must leave this thought behind because the company declared on April 26, 2023, that all Halo devices would discontinue. 

Yes! Amazon has indeed decided eventually to discontinue the Halo series of devices. Amazon announced this device’s end date as July 31, 2023; along with this, the entire portfolio of Halo devices will also shut down. 

Let’s go further, where you will find everything about Amazon Halo, its discontinuation, its availability, and many more. Do you want to know? If yes! Then you have come to the right place where you may get all your answers. We hope this blog may help you to some extent.

Before getting into this blog, firstly, we would like you to introduce the Halo series of devices.

What is Amazon Halo?

Halo is nothing but a fitness tracking band that was launched by Amazon in 2020. It works with a smartphone app and subscription service. It is also believed that the Halo line has been expanded and provides more wearables and various bedside devices that can keep a record of one’s sleeping patterns.

Has Amazon Halo been Discontinued?

Amazon has discontinued the entire Halo health products. All your Halo wearables will soon become worthless as the company will make all its products non-accessible, and customers with unused subscriptions will be refunded. 

And after a month, existing Halo devices will also stop working; the bands, funky lights, and every single accessory related to Halo will become worthless and become just a piece of plastic and metal. What will people do with that piece of metal and plastic so? To answer this, Amazon recommended recycling them.

Also, In an email, the company promised to refund all Halo customers for all purchases made in the last few months, i.e., 12 months. The refund includes the Halo band, Halo Rise sleep tracker, Halo accessory bands, Halo Band View fitness bands, and many other Halo products. 

Amazon will also refund the prepaid fee for the subscriptions for the Halo series of unused devices.

Amazon has said, “Amazon will not charge a single penny for the active monthly subscriptions, and those who have already subscribed and an existing Halo customer will do nothing because all refunds will directly be processed to their account or the preferred wallet that they have used for Amazon service payments. 

Later, Amazon justified all the Halo devices, and the companion service will end and no longer be able to be found on Amazon.

The end date for the Halo devices has been declared, i.e., August 1, 2023. 

Before the app and the dashboard of Halo become non-accessible, Amazon allows their customers to maintain a record or save all scanned pictures/ images in their phone’s image gallery to prevent interruptions and inconvenience. 

There is a “Body” titled feature in the Halo series of devices that are mainly designed to analyze full body fat and can create a long-term profile for the body fat by asking their users to take a whole body image in less or without clothes for the sake of full body fat check-up.

When it is done, the images are saved in Amazon’s cloud and processed. 

This Halo device has a trusted Amazon track record of safeguarding sensitive user data.

On its discontinuation, Amazon stated, “We continually evaluate the progress and potential of our products to deliver customer value, and we regularly make adjustments based on those assessments. We recently decided to stop supporting Amazon Halo, effective July 31, 2023. We are incredibly proud of the invention and hard work that went into building Halo on behalf of our customers. Our priorities are taking care of our customers and supporting our employees.”

Amazon also suggests users recycle their existing Halo devices; this way, the company will cover the costs of recycling and shipping if users recycle them through the Amazon Recycling Program.

Amazon Laying Off Employees From The Halo Team

As we all know, Amazon will discontinue its health-focused Halo division, including Halo Band, Halo View, Halo Rise devices, and many more. Then, you can no longer find them on its website after their end date. Besides, they have cut down the working staff by eliminating the employees from the Halo team.

Last month in 2023 (March), the company announced to lay off more of its employees, and they were 9,000 in number; a large number of employees have been laid off as part of its second retrenchment drive. After this, they have also started to inform other employees about Halo closure.

Those laid-off employees got an email from the head of Amazon Web Services and the People Experience and Technology team.

Is Amazon Coming Out With The Latest Version Of Halo? 

No, there is no update on Halo’s latest version, but one thing is clear all its devices are shuttering in the upcoming months. But if we talk about its last new Halo device, then it was Halo Rise, a multipurpose bedside tracker designed to maintain a record of one’s sleeping pattern and may also help give you a night of quality sleep. It was launched on September 28, 2022.

If we talk about its origination, Halo Band and its app were launched in 2020; during the Coronavirus outbreak, it used 3D body modeling that measures body fat, and it provides feedback when listening to a user’s conversation on their tone of voice.

Its features gained popularity, and Halo became one of the most famous health gadgets available on Amazon. When Halo existed, the Washington Post stated, “collects the most intimate information we’ve seen from a consumer health gadget- and makes the absolute least use of it.”

The Bottom Line

We hope you like this blog post, which contains all the updated information about Amazon Halo. If you still have any queries, visit its official website to know more.