Amazon Cloud Cam Discontinued

Why Amazon Cloud Cam Discontinued? Are you Still Buy It in 2023?

Why was Amazon Cloud Cam discontinued? Amazon cloud cam was a product introduced by Amazon in 2017. It was a security camera powered by Alexa, which made it an intelligent security camera. It allowed customers to monitor their homes, apartments, offices, and any other place of importance all the time. 

It could also schedule and handle deliveries and appointments. It was very beneficial for people who were always traveling but still wanted to know what was happening in their offices or homes. The device was great for people who had children at their home without any adult supervision.

 This could also be used in places where older adults live alone to check if they are doing alright. This product was a competitor of Google’s nest cameras. Wi-Fi-enabled cloud cameras were also in the same niche. They were primarily developed for security and to check on individuals staying home alone.

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Is Amazon cloud cam discontinued?

In May 2022, Amazon announced that it would discontinue the production of Amazon cloud cam. It was announced that all these security cameras would be replaced with a new security camera range Amazon called blinks. Upon the discontinuation of this product, all the associated applications and subscription plans will be canceled.

Amazon Cloud Cam Discontinued

Amazon said that all the current customers of Amazon cloud cam would be sent a mail regarding the exchange of cloud cam with a blink. All the current customers can download all their security footage until December 2, 2022. 

After that, all the history and footage will be automatically deleted, and customers will no longer be able to access it. The new blink will come with one year of the subscription pack, so customers can buy another for the new product.

Many customers have received emails about exchanging their cloud cam with a link. Although only some have yet to receive the email, the brand initiated the process.

How does it work?

The special part about this camera is that it records video in 1080p only when the camera suspects a motion. This means that you will not get 24 x 7 footage of what is happening in your home or office, but the camera will start recording whenever there is a motion or a moment. This way, you can check what is happening only when required and only some of the time.

Amazon cloud cam also has LED-powered lights to record in the dark or at night. The camera offers full quality even when there is a new light. There is an inbuilt microphone as well that can record voices with clarity. The camera works with the help of Alexa. This means you can communicate with the camera and give it commands.

Customers could watch the recorded video or live footage on their phones or tablets. They could watch it on Amazon Fire TV, Fire tablet, Echo Show, or Echo Spot.

The best part about the security camera is that it is notified when it senses motion or movement. This is a great way to avoid any criminal activity because it’s not just a sleeping camera but a very attentive camera.


There are a lot of adjustments that one could make in this camera on their own as per their subject of requirements. You could set the frequency of notifications on your phone. You could also select the type of moment that will make the camera active and send notifications. This can be called selective notification and alert.

Amazon cloud cam can also store the footage for you to be able to watch it later. But if you still need the subscription pack, the footage is automatically deleted within 24 hours of the recording. If you want all the footage, you must subscribe to the monthly or annual pack of Amazon cloud cam.

Amazon cloud cam replacement 

The replacement product for Amazon cloud Camp, called blink mini, comes with many new facilities and specifications. It has night vision, motion detection,1080p HD video, 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connectivity, and two-way audio. Like cloud came, this also works with Alexa, so it can be easily commanded and communicated.

Amazon customers who have an Amazon cloud camp also recycle their current cameras through the Amazon recycling app and register themselves there. Customers with bigger setups for Amazon cloud cam and more than one gadget will have to replace one product with the other.

The subscription plan for bling is $10 per month, under which you will have the accessibility to 60 days of pre-recorded footage. This one is different from what Amazon cloud cam offers. Since the company has also allowed customers to export their data before December 2, 2022, all the current users quickly transferred all their available footage.

Why was Amazon cloud cam discontinued? 

Amazon Cloud Cam Discontinued

Amazon decided to kill its cloud cam because, over the years, the demand for its Alexa-powered smart home devices has increased immensely. This is why they decided to focus on more effective and technology-driven products. Amazon has said that due to the high response and happy customer feedback, they have focused more on products like blink, Ring, and other related technologies.

For over five years, Amazon cloud Camp has served as a very loyal security camera in the houses and offices of customers. But now Amazon decided to eliminate similar products to focus on limited gadgets that offer all-in-one facilities.


Amazon has always had a demeanor of introducing and discontinuing many of its products. Some of these gadgets were introduced in the market to check the public response and their performance. The whole purpose of introducing them is never, in the first place, to sell them for a lifetime. 

This is because Amazon is an artificial intelligence-based company that keeps trying new and creative ideas that make the human effort less every day. The same is the case with Amazon cloud Camp. The product has been discontinued, but the brand has left people to have a better alternative that people can use for security purposes.

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