Alaskan Crab shortage 2023

Is there a Alaskan Crab shortage in 2023? – what to do now in crab season?

Is there a Alaskan Crab shortage? Alaskan crabs have been missing for a very long time. In October especially, there was an extreme shortage of Alaskan grabs. No one could identify their absence from supermarkets and crab shops. People have yet to find Alaska and crab legs, especially as it is a famous delicacy and light by many people. Now one of the main reasons behind this shortage has come out.

 It is being said that climatic changes have caused a significant decline in harvesting Alaskan crabs this year. Due to the melting of icebergs and high temperatures, many Alaskan crabs have died. As a result, many harvesters have canceled their extraction this year. This is done to save the species from going extinct. 

A lot of scientists have become an active part of this research. Alaska has been going through a massive climatic change this year. Temperatures have fallen a lot due to increased global warming. As a result, the water levels are rising, and the species living in the water face the consequences.

For the first time this year, the bearing season of fish and crabs will remain closed. This is done to save the species from going extinct. A lot of crabs have already died as a result of global warming. If the problem is not solved soon, then we might never be able to see crabs again. 

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Why is there a shortage of Alaskan crabs?

Alaskan Crab shortage 2023

There is a shortage of Alaskan crabs because of climatic changes in Alaska. The temperature has risen massively this year, due to which icebergs have started melting. All the water from the iceBergs is going into the seas and oceans, which has become problematic for crabs. The Alaska Fisheries Science Center has also discussed the frequent heat waves since 2018 and 2019.

Alaskan crabs can only survive in icy habitats. Due to this temperature rise, they find it hard to sustain themselves. Increased temperature messes up their body, and they cannot function properly. As a result, many crabs are dying, which is why you are not able to find crabs in the market. 

Alaska has been called the fastest-warming state in the United States of America. This means that the temperature in Alaska has increased the most through the past years. This is an alarming situation for the United States of America as it can immensely impact the natural habitat of Alaska.

Did Alaska cancel King crab season?

Alaska is the exporter of around 60% of the total fisheries production in the United States of America. This means that Alaska plays a vital role in the fishery production of the country. But due to rising temperatures, crabs and fish have been dying rapidly. As a result, we can see fewer fish and crabs in grocery stores than we used to. 

Also, due to the declining number of crabs and fish, Alaska has decided to cancel its king crab season in 2022. This means that there will be no king crab season this year. It is for the first time that this decision has been taken. It is done to save the crab species from going extinct. Earlier crabs used to be very high in supply. This was because the temperature of Alaska was relatively healthy for all of these species to breed on their own. But since 2018, Alaska has been experiencing frequent heat waves. 

Alaskan Crab shortage 2023

As a result, the temperature has increased massively. The temperature rise is killing most of the snow crabs, which is why it has been decided that there will be no king crab season this year. The crab industry is almost worth US$200 million. There are a lot of people who rely on crab harvesting for their livelihood. The cancellation of the King crab season for the first time will be a massive blow for them.


Global warming has impacted the world. Pollution levels have risen in previous years, and we are facing the same results. Ice books have started melting, and temperatures in Antarctica have increased.

As a result, there is a rise in water levels, which is also causing tsunamis and floods. Due to high temperatures, it has also become difficult for marine life in low-temperature areas to sustain. This is the reason why Alaskan crabs Are going extinct. Due to the temperature rise, thousands of Alaskan crabs have died this year. The government needs to intervene in this problem as soon as possible. Otherwise, most of the marine species will go extinct.

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