Is AHA Sparkling Water Discontinued? why is there a shortage?

Has AHA Sparkling Water Discontinued? Yes, AHA Sparkling Water has been discontinued. But the popular fizzy drink is still around in certain places, but changes are bubbling up. Let’s explore where you can still find this tasty beverage and why it’s making waves in the world of sparkling sips. They’ve decided to sell it in specific places and Coca-Cola Freestyle machines here. But if you’re in Canada, you can still get it.

When they introduced AHA, they had eight flavours, including two with caffeine. They spent a lot on ads for Aha in 2021 and 2022. But this year, they stopped selling the caffeinated ones, and a big supermarket, Publix, stopped selling Aha, too. Sales went down by 42% in the first part of 2023, according to Beverage Digest.

LaCroix is still the most popular fizzy water, with 14% of sales in the first part of the year. Bubly, made by PepsiCo, had 7.5%, while Aha only had 1.9%.

Why Did Coca-Cola Discontinue AHA Sparkling Water?

They discontinued AHA Sparkling water because not many people were buying it, and it was tough to make it stand out in the fizzy water world. On the other hand, Coca-Cola thinks Topo Chico, a mineral water brand they bought in 2017, could make a lot of money. They made a drink with alcohol company Molson Coors called Topo Chico Hard Seltzer last year. And in April, they started selling Topo Chico Sabores, a fancier fizzy water with fruit juice and herbal stuff, in three flavours.

Dan White, who works for Coca-Cola, said earlier this year that they think Topo Chico could make $1 billion a year in sales, but he didn’t say. 

Coca-Cola is giving more attention to its fancier brand, Topo Chico. Topo Chico has become popular with drinks like Topo Chico Hard Seltzer and Topo Chico Sabores, which are bubbly water with fruit juice. 

What’s Inside AHA Sparkling Water?

AHA is a kind of fizzy water made by Coca-Cola. They made it for people who want a healthy drink with no added sugar or calories. It’s also gluten-free and doesn’t have any fake flavours or colours.

AHA comes in different flavours, like Blackberry & Lemon, Lime & Watermelon, Peach & Honey, Orange & Grapefruit, Blueberry & Pomegranate, and Pineapple & Passionfruit. The only things in AHA are carbonated water and natural flavours.

The other thing in AHA is “natural flavours.” The label doesn’t say exactly where these flavours come from or how they’re made. This is because there’s no clear rule about what “natural” means in food labels.

Manufacturers can use lots of different things and still call it “natural.” They might use unhealthy stuff or processes to make these flavours, but they don’t have to tell us. Some of these processes use heat and harmful things to get flavours from fruits.

Also, the label doesn’t have to say if the flavours have allergens, like sesame. This means someone who’s allergic to something might not know it’s in there.

Is AHA Sparkling Water Safe To Drink?

AHA Sparkling Water is a drink that’s not sugary and doesn’t have fake flavours or colours. It only has two things in it, and they’re pretty natural. Some people like it because it’s an easy way to stay hydrated and tastes good.

But, if you have a tummy problem like IBS or acid reflux, drinks with bubbles might not be right for you. And some folks don’t like the idea of “natural flavours” in their drinks because it’s not clear what they really mean.

If you want a healthy and tasty option, you can make your fruit-infused water at home. Just add fruit slices to bubbly or regular water and cool it down.

In short, Carbonated water is safe for most people and doesn’t have calories, sugar, or fake stuff. It’s like regular water but with bubbles, and many people like it more.

But, some people might feel a bit bloated or uncomfortable after drinking it, especially if they drink it fast. People with stomach problems might find it makes their symptoms worse.

What Is The Best Sparkling Water?

Here are some best sparkling water brands that people really like, according to dietitians and happy customers:

  • Sanzo:

Sanzo offers sparkling waters inspired by Asian fruits like yuzu and lychee. The cans have a bit of natural sugar but no added sugar.

  • Recess:

Recess is infused with extra things like magnesium, hemp, or adaptogens, providing unique flavours and potential relaxing or mood-enhancing benefits.

  • Waterloo:

Waterloo is a good option without phosphoric acid, suitable for people who can’t have certain additives due to health conditions. It comes in various flavours with zero calories and sugar.

  • Spindrift:

Spindrift is a favourite because it has real fruit juice in it, making it taste natural. It has a bit of natural sweetness from the fruit juice. Spindrift has small and gentle bubbles, giving a fizzy feel without a strong burn. They offer various flavours with low calories and a few grams of natural sugar.

  • Nixie:

Nixie has big, lively bubbles and comes in colourful cans with carbonated water and organic flavours. It has zero calories and sugar, making it a good substitute for water. They also have sparkling waters infused with green or black tea, giving a light caffeine option.

  • Polar:

Polar is known for being free from added sugars and sodium. It offers reliably bubbly seltzers with great taste and a variety of flavours. It’s widely available, and you can get it in different sizes.

  • Aura Bora:

Aura Bora is seen as a special occasion seltzer with unique flavours like cactus rose and lemongrass coconut. It’s refreshing and can be mixed with alcohol for cocktails.

  • Bear’s Fruit:

Bear’s Fruit, known for making kombucha, now offers sparkling water with live probiotics. It’s naturally sweetened with fruit puree and has no added sugar.

These fizzy water options offer different tastes and features, so you can find one that suits your preferences.

Can You Still Buy AHA Sparkling Water?

Even though AHA Sparkling Water is discontinued now, you can still buy it in a few places:

Coca-Cola Freestyle Machines:

These are machines usually in places like restaurants or movie theatres where they sell Coca-Cola stuff.

Online Retailers:

You might get lucky and find AHA Sparkling Water on websites like Amazon, even though it’s not everywhere like before.

Local Supermarkets and Convenience Stores:

Check out the big grocery stores or shops near you. AHA might still be hanging out on the shelves.

Final Thoughts

AHA Sparkling Water has been discontinued. But it still sparkles in specific channels like Coca-Cola Freestyle machines and online platforms. Despite its reduced availability, fans can still enjoy its refreshing flavours like Blackberry + Lemon and Peach + Honey. This shift highlights the competitive nature of the fizzy water market and Coca-Cola’s strategic focus on premium brands like Topo Chico. So, if you’re craving those bubbly delights, keep an eye out at your local stores or hop online. AHA may be disappearing from shelves, but its legacy of tasty, sugar-free hydration lives on.