Aguila Mini Shells Discontinued

Is Aguila Mini Shells Discontinued? Who makes mini shells?

Is Aguila Mini Shells Discontinued? In short, Aguila Mini Shells has not been discontinued! They’ve started making more of them with the help of Texas Armament and Technology. They are made more than ever before, and now you can find them in Buckshot, Slug, and soon, 7½ shot varieties.

These little shells are fun, but they’re not the best for serious stuff like protecting your home. Let’s get to know why:


  • Most shotguns don’t work well with these mini shells.
  • Only Mossberg 590S series shotguns are made for these small 1.75-inch shells.
  • Semi-auto shotguns can have problems with mini shells, and using them in detachable magazine shotguns might cause issues.
  • Even pump-action shotguns can have problems like rotation, jams, and not loading properly with mini shells.

Home Defense:

  • Mini shells give you more shots and less kick, but they’re better for having fun, not for serious things.
  • When protecting your home, using regular shotgun loads that you know will work is safer.
  • If your regular low-recoil 12-gauge shotgun load is too much for you, maybe think about using a rifle instead of a shotgun.

So, even though Aguila Mini Shells are back, it’s a good idea to be careful and not rely on them for important stuff.

Aguila Mini Shells Overview 

First off, Aguila keeps improving its Minishells. They started with the 12-gauge version in 1998, and now there are three types: birdshot, Buckshot, and slugs. They even added a 20-gauge buckshot Minishell.

These Minishells have less power than regular shotgun shells because they’re smaller. This means they kick back less when you shoot. They’re kind of like handgun bullets, especially the 45 ACP.

The birdshot Minishells are good for competitions and practice at the range. The slugs are best for shooting things up close. The Buckshot Minishells are the most useful – they can be used for hunting close by, practicing shooting, protecting your home, and tactical shooting.

Even though they have less kickback, these Minishells are so powerful, especially the slugs.

But they’re not perfect. They can’t be used in semi-automatic shotguns, and you need a special adapter for pump shotguns. Without the adapter, it’s tough to use them in pump shotguns. If you don’t want to get the adapter, you’re stuck using single-shot or double-barrel shotguns, which may not be great for self-defense.

Using them for hunting big game like deer might not be the best idea. They don’t have enough power and accuracy for longer distances.

Are Aguila Mini Shells Good?

Now, let’s talk about where these Minishells are good.

Aguila Minishell’s 12-gauge Buckshot is powerful and good. These Minishells are not so scary because they have less kickback. These are perfect for people learning to use shotguns.

While the slugs might be too much for home defense, the #4 buckshot is good because it’s less likely to go through walls, you can load more in your shotgun, and the lower kickback helps you aim quickly.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Aguila Mini Shells?

Most people like these Minishells for several reasons, but let’s talk about the not-so-good things:

Disadvantages of Aguila Minishells: 

One big problem is you need to buy an adapter for pump shotguns. Without it, these short shells won’t work well in pump shotguns (except for the KelTec KSG tactical shotgun).

Sure, the adapter isn’t expensive or hard to put in, but if you’re using these shells to have more shots in your shotgun for self-defense, you probably have a pump shotgun. And these Minishells only work well with the adapter.

Another problem is they say these are for hunting, but they might not be good enough for hunting animals like deer at distances of more than 50 yards. They can’t go very far because they don’t have much power.

Pros And Cons Of Aguila Minishells

Here’s a quick list of the pros and cons of Aguila Minishells:


  • Less kickback, great for new shooters
  • Affordable price
  • Different shot sizes and gauge options
  • Reliable, they work when you shoot.
  • Lets you load more shots for home defense


  • Needs an adapter for pump shotguns, or else you’re stuck with single-shot shotguns
  • Not strong enough for semi-automatic shotguns
  • Only good for really close ranges
  • There are better-hunting shells out there.
  • It is too short for reloading in normal conditions.

Should You Buy Aguila Mini Shells? What’s Their Shooting Range? 

If you want to have fun shooting at the range, buying Aguila Mini Shells is a good idea. But, if you plan to use them for hunting, it’s not the best choice.

How Far Can Aguila Mini Shells Reach? 

When using iron sights, Aguila Mini Shells can accurately hit targets up to 50 yards. Beyond that, they start getting less accurate.

Alternatives To Aguila Mini Shells

If you want other options instead of Aguila Mini Shells for having fun shooting or with less kickback, here are some ideas:

  • Use regular 2.75-inch shotgun shells but with less stuff inside. You can load them with a specific wad and shot amount for less kickback. Some good powder choices are Titewad, Gun Clubs, Bullseye, or International.
  • If you like making short shells, you can cut down regular shotgun shells and use special wads. The BP Advantages Manual has instructions, but you’ll need a roll crimper to close them properly.
  • The Remington 870 Wingmaster and 870 Express models work well with 1.75-inch shells for pump-action shotguns. They can handle these smaller shells without any issues. The Mossberg 500 and 590 shotguns can also use mini shells if you use an adapter like the OPSol Mini-Clip 2.023.

The Bottom Line

Aguila Mini Shells are not discontinued! They’ve made a comeback, thanks to Texas Armament and Technology. More mini shells were produced last year, available in Buckshot, Slug, and soon, 7½ shot varieties. 

But here’s the scoop – while they’re great for fun shooting, they’re not the go-to for serious tasks like home defense. Most shotguns don’t work well with them, and reliability can be an issue. Stick to regular shotgun loads for important stuff. So, rejoice for the return of Aguila Mini Shells; just keep them in the fun category, not the serious one!