Is Aeropostale Perfume Discontinued in 2023? – What to Know

Is Aeropostale Perfume discontinued? What? Aeropostale is no more now! We know your reaction after hearing this. But Yeah! It is high time to say goodbye to your favorite perfume brand.

The SPARC Group LLC owns Aeropostale, an American company specializing in various items, including men’s, women’s, and kids’ apparel and accessories, perfumes, and many more. Perfumes designed by Aeropostale are of top-notch quality and worldwide famous. 

Other brands the same group owns include Brooks Brother, Eddie Bauer, Forever 21, Lucky Brand, and Nautica.

Is Aeropostale Perfume Discontinued?

Is Aeropostale Perfume Discontinued? Is it true? Yes! It is one of your favorite perfume brands, i.e., Aeropostale, and is now discontinued. We know this news shocked many customers who still love to buy Aeropostale Perfume. But there is nothing to do with it!

It was also estimated that the company staved off bankruptcy, and later, in 2016, the company exited bankruptcy and reopened many stores in the U.S.

Let’s explore it further! To know why Aeropostale Perfume was discontinued, if it is still available, who owned this company, and many more about Aeropostale Perfume brand.

Why Is Aeropostale Perfume Discontinued?

As we all know, Aeropostale Perfume has been discontinued, and customers are angrily demanding its return in the market and trying to restock its shelves with Aeropostale Perfumes. 

One of the primary reasons for the discontinuation of Aeropostale brand and its perfumes is the company was petitioned under Chapter 11 bankruptcy with total assets of 354 million U.S. dollars on 4th May. 2016. 

It led the company to close many of its store locations in the U.S. (113 stores closed out of 739 US stores). When the stores closed, they gradually stopped manufacturing their products, including Aeropostale Perfumes. It was also believed that all the stores in Canada were also shut down.

Some said all these stores were closed because they were underperforming and unprofitable and responsible for the company’s losses.

But the company discontinued this particular item because the ingredients that make this perfume unique from other brands were out of stock, and the manufacturers denied its production as they said, “the manufacturing process can no longer be replicated.

Another possible reason for discontinuation is low performance or the product cannot meet the company’s sales target.

How Will You Get To Know Once Your Favourite Brand of Perfume Is Discontinued?

If you are unaware that your favorite brand of perfume is discontinued, and you wander the market to get a bottle of perfume but cannot find them and the stores marked “not available” or “out of stock” at that time, what can you do?

We know it’s so hard to digest, but you have to! Although you can also check for them online: 

You can ask them about the brand. Maybe they know about it or not. The other alternative to find out if a fragrance has been discontinued is to ask the perfume’s brand directly. To do so, you can email, snail mail, or telephone. Or you can follow the steps given below:

  • Firstly, Check for backstock
  • Secondly, Try the Perfume brand’s website
  • Then, Try online perfume sellers
  • Look into Basenotes and Facebook groups
  • eBay is also one of the best online platforms that sell most of the items that are unavailable offline in the stores
  • Or the last option is to find another alternative to your favorite perfume brand.

Best Aeropostale Perfumes

Are you looking for perfumes that may take you away to your dreamland? If yes, then you must choose the perfumes offered by Aeropostale; it would be perfect to choose perfumes from the list given below:

  • Bethany Mota by Aeropostale
  • LLD Live Love Dream by Aeropostale
  • Endless Wonder by Aeropostale
  • Promise Me by Aeropostale
  • Hailey by Aeropostale
  • His 1987 Denim by Aeropostale
  • Her 1987 Denim by Aeropostale
  • Discover Agua De Colonia by Aeropostale
  • Aeropostale Maximum Men’s 
  • Voyager Men’s by Aeropostale
  • Takeoff for Men by Aeropostale
  • Vista for Women by Aeropostale
  • Velvet Romance for Women by Aeropostale
  • Paradise Women by Aeropostale
  • Daybreak Women by Aeropostale

Customers Reviews On Aeropostale Perfume Discontinuation

Customers are up in arms because they found that their favorite brand of perfume, i.e., Aeropostale Perfume, discontinuation. Let’s have a look at customer reviews.

Users said,

“The Aeropostale perfume is out of stock, and I found it hard, but It is overpriced, and the fragrance is great! I bought it for my mother-in-law, and she is in love….”

“Oh, My God! I am so addicted, but they don’t sell it anymore! Bring them back.”

“This one! I hope this is the one you were looking for! I smelled Estee Lauder’s beautiful magnolia, and it is very similar! I had to buy right then and there no matter the cost.”

“Yeah! It doesn’t have a profile anywhere! I still have my old bottle with a few sprays in it, but it’s almost impossible to find anything about it online. I’ll have to figure out who the manufacturer is.”

“That Ebay listing seems like the only photo with that particular bottle. It needs to be shown on the Fragrantica page. I would contact the manufacturer because there are so many Aeropostale sprays. It’s possible that they could have repackaged it.”

Is Aeropostale Perfume Still Available & Where To Find Aeropostale Perfumes?

Yes! You may get relief after hearing that Aeropostale Perfume is still available not in the market but online. As the store’s shelves have been cleared up with the stock and marked “out of stock,” you can find them online at higher rates.

It is common that if the key ingredients run down even, the company is manufacturing or selling that product rarely, so they definitely sell them at higher rates than before. 

If we talk about where to buy, you can buy them online at Amazon, Macy’s, Walmart, and many other websites where you can buy them.

Wrapping Up

It was believed that, in January 2017, the company Aeropostale reopened its more than 500 stores across the country and has an annual turnover of 1,000 retail stores in America and around 1.5 billion U.S. dollars. Under the new management, the company shifted all its design, distribution license, and European production to the London Based LDN Fashion Design Group.